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In Moldova Electoral Commission Changed Results

Posted by Info on 07/06/2011

To determine a new mayor for Chisinau, a second round of elections will be needed, the Moldovan Central Election Commission wrote in its press release on Tuesday morning.

According only to the latest information the CEC has just distributed, none of the candidates appears to have exceeded the 50% mark in the June 5 elections needed for a victory. The opposition Communist Party candidate for Chisinau Mayor, Igor Dodon, won only 48.68%, or 4% less than yesterday, whereas the First Deputy Chairperson of the Liberal Party, incumbent Chisinau Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca – 46.1%, or over 3% more than only 24 hours before. The CEC says such are the results after the processing of 96% ballot-paper, including those cast in Chisinau’s 18 suburban communities.

since early morning yesterday and throughout Monday, Igor Dodon was leading confidently according to the CEC’s own reports, and the 8-10% gap between him and Chirtoaca was remaining practically from the beginning of the vote count on the Sunday/Monday night till Monday evening.

However, on Monday evening, after a several-hour-long pause in the counting work, the Chisinau constituency electoral board began processing ballot-papers in the suburban communities. And the situation started changing amazingly. In the communities, the voter turnout reached about 70 thousand people, which makes a considerable segment in the total Chisinau electorate of 350 thousand people who went to the polls on June 5.

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