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Россия: 300 000 Pублей за Yбийство Cына B Mилиции

Posted by Info on 08/06/2011

Нижегородский областной суд оставил в силе ранее вынесенной решение о взыскании с Минфина РФ именно такой суммы в качестве компенсации Анжеле Перепелице за гибель её сына от рук сотрудников Арзамасского РОВД шесть лет назад.

Год назад Президиум Верховного Суда РФ удовлетворил надзорную жалобу, поданную юристами Комитета против пыток в интересах госпожи Перепелицы. Жалоба требовала отменить приговор Нижегородского областного суда от 15 сентября 2006 года и кассационное определение Судебной коллегии по уголовным делам Верховного суда РФ от 30 марта 2007 в части решения по гражданским искам потерпевших.

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Theology Professor Promoting Education Shot in Russia’s Dagestan

Posted by Info on 08/06/2011

Rector of a theology institute in Russia’s mainly-Muslim Dagestan republic Maksud Ibnugadzharovich Sadikov was one of the founders of the first academic institutions in Russia’s volatile North Caucasus region to offer both secular and religious teachings.
He and his nephew accompanying him were shot by and unknown assailant by the entrance of his house.

Sadikov had been rector of the Institute of Theology and International Relations in Dagestani capital Makhachkala since 2003 and tried to promote education as the greatest weapon in the fight against religious extremism.

He also headed a project to translate the Koran into Russian and the editorial board of the Imam Shamil encyclopedia. He was involved in politics and held various federal government posts in the 1990s.

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Russia: Amendments to Criminal Code: Charges Of Slander Decriminalized

Posted by Info on 08/06/2011

Set of amendments to the Criminal Code contains new forms of punishment, while reducing charges of slander – once a criminal offense – to a civil offence.

The draft law includes a number of novelties and deserves attention as it makes the criminal law more up to date, gets rid of obsolete norms that were passing from one code to another but were never observed, eliminates contradictions and introduces a new form of punishment – forced labor, which may be set for a period from 2 to 5 years; and punitive labor, which requires the convicted party to continue with his civilian job, while the wages are paid to the state as a fine or to the victim as compensation.
Moreover the bill establishes new penalties for petty economic crimes and crimes related to drug trafficking.

The list of such actions pertain to libel, including cases of libeling judges involved in court cases, as well as non-qualified actions that do not cause grave consequences.

The new bill provides that the court could order the convict to undergo compulsory treatment for drug addiction, which allows for the suspension of punishment until the treatment is completed.

For economic crimes, a fine of five times the inflicted damage will serve in place of other forms of punishment.

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