Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Moscow Fights Extremism and Xenophobia.

Posted by Info on 09/06/2011

The latest large-scale interethnic clashes occurred in Moscow on December 11 last year, shortly after mayor Sobyanin took office. Back then a rally in memory of a killed football fan turned violent, instigated by nationalist slogans. In general there is a high level of intolerance to migrants in Moscow. Most of them come from Central Asian republics and take non-qualified jobs. Many do not have any job contracts, are underpaid and live in poor conditions. Moscow and the federal authorities are now working on the improvement of migration legislation which would force employers to create decent working conditions for migrants and secure their rights.

There for Moscow authorities have prepared a program to promote positive interethnic relations. There will release a series of social ads under the sloganDon’t get contaminated with racism”. Those will include posters, billboards, as well as multimedia projects on the internet+
at the website dedicated to interethnic relations will be six documentaries about the conservation and development of national cultures will be shot and aired on TV.

Moscow authorities also have plans to help religious organizations in organizing traditional festivities of various confessions. The program also includes numerous events for raising cultural awareness as a means to fight extremism and xenophobia.

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