Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Oleg Orlov About Natasha Estemirova To Judge At Russian Court

Posted by Info on 11/06/2011

Your Honour,

I do not regret having publicly pronounced the words I have been incriminated for, nor do I regret their publication in a press-release of the Human Rights Center ”Memorial”, nor my contribution to the dissemination of that press-release.

I do not have any regrets because my actions do not constitute a crime…..
Natasha was genetically unable to put up with arbitrary rules, lawlessness and cruelty, no matter who was behind it: federal forces, Chechen authorities or insurgents. This is exactly why people were turning to her, coming to her for help. She was fighting her battle in order to save people, those abducted or the ones subjected to torture; she was fighting to save the refugees thrown out by officials from their temporary placement points, and for the right of people from the mountainous villages to return to their homes; for parents to have the right to know the fate of their sons taken out of their homes by armed men, and for the dignity of women in Chechnya. She also found the strength to take care of strictly social issues – for example, she helped Chechen students to stand up to the transport monopoly for cheap buses that brought them from rural areas to Grozny. Natasha could have rightfully been called the people’s defender. She gave her life for people, protecting their rights, their freedom, and their lives.

I believe that Natasha Estemirova was one of those people who make the pride of the Chechen people, of the whole of Russia….more here


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