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Kremlin Critic, Journalist Yulia Latynina About Murdered Colleague Politkovskaja

Posted by Info on 12/06/2011

Late last month Russian police finally announced that they’d arrested the man suspected of shooting investigative reporter Anna Politikovskaya four times nearly fine years ago.
Since her killing, other journalists have stepped up to fill the void, facing down threats of violence and intimidation.

NORMAN HERMANT: If anyone in Russia can identify with the murdered journalist Anna Politkovskaya, it’s author and journalist Yulia Latynina.On her radio show on fiercely independent station Echo Moscow and in her articles she is a dogged critic of the Kremlin. Like Anna Politkovskaya before her death, she writes for the paper Novaya Gazeta.

YULIA LATYNINA: We in Novaya Gazeta firmly believe that Rustam Makhmudov who was arrested is a killer, he’s Anna’s killer. He’s a hired gun to a big Chechen organised crime group. We believe that this points to the guy who requested the killing.

The police doesn’t work in Russia and the state doesn’t exist in Russia. In Europe in average there’s one murder per 100,000 people. In Russia, there’s about 40 murders per 100,000 people. That’s a crime rate that’s comparable to Africa and other failed states.
And it’s not dangerous to be a journalist in Russia, it’s dangerous to be a citizen in Russia.
Yes, sometimes I feel frightened. Sometimes I try not to cross borders – not to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.
Obviously internet is changing a lot. When Putin took power, the first thing he took over was TV. Putin always believed that taking over TV means taking over monopoly over news. But what really happened with internet is that news, they started searching independently of TV.

For instance, when last year Mr Putin took a yellow Lada, and was driving with it for 2,000 kilometres over Russian forest,
But unfortunately some people went and photographed Mr Putin, and put in internet that Putin was using 3 yellow Ladas, as they kept braking..

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