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Россия: На Cевере Чечни Oбнаружено Mесто Mассового захоронения Людей

Posted by Info on 13/06/2011

В равнинном Шелковском районе на севере Чечни обнаружено место массового захоронения жертв внесудебных расправ. Останки неизвестных людей, в общей сложности здесь захоронено более 20 человек, были захоронены здесь местными жителями в первые годы контртеррористической операции. Обглоданные животными человеческие останки жители Червленной находили в первые годы контртеррористической операции на полях вокруг села.

Руководитель одной из правозащитных организации Чечни отмечает, что никто сегодня не может сказать, сколько подобных мест массового захоронения людей может находиться на территории республики.
“Власти республики время от времени поднимают тему поиска похищенных и пропавших без вести граждан, необходимости создания собственной лаборатории по проведению экспертизы эксгумированных тел. Реально же никто не занимается этим вопросом.”

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Uzbekistan: Karimova Libel Trial Delivers More Scandals; MPs Demand EU Probe

Posted by Info on 13/06/2011

Augustin Scalbert, the French reporter accused of libel over a piece about Karimova-Tillyaeva‘s participation in an AIDS fund-raiser last year, believes he can simply plead the truth defense.
For the court hearing came human rights activist Nadejda Atayeva, head of the Association for Human Rights in Central Asia, and Mutabar Tajibayeva, leader of the civic group Fiery Hearts from Andijan. They supplied plenty of evidence of suppression of independent media, harassment and jailing of human rights activists, forced child labor in the cotton industry, and torture and imprisonment of thousands of Muslims accused of extremism.

At the trial, Karimova-Tillyaeva’s lawyer, Antoine Germain, produced a statement signed by Pierre-Paul Antheunissens, EU coordinator in Tashkent, reveals that the EU has already awarded the Centre a grant in 2008 and that a new
project has been approved by the European Union in 2010 with a budget of 3.7 mln. euros and is due to start later this year.

In the trial was a claim that President Karimov’s daughter had spent large amounts for a charity event in February 2010 organized at Versailles Palace, and had even paid a fee — the allegation was €230,000 — to secure the attendance of Italian supermodel and actress Monica Bellucci….

“The authoritarian rule of President Karimov and his family clan should not be occurring with the financial support of the EU,” Michael Link, a member of the Free Democratic Party..

In addition to unwittingly exposing the dubious relations between the EU and the secretive and abusive Uzbek regime, attorneys for the president’s daughter have also produced character references from UN agencies in defense of her litigation — and wound up scandalizing observers with the impliciations of support for an unaccountable regime GONGO.

UNICEF, the children’s agency, and UNESCO, where Karimova-Tillyaeva serves as ambassador for her country, have praised her charitable work.

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8 More Countries Expanded “BLACK LIST” of Belarusian Officials

Posted by Info on 13/06/2011

EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy Catherine Ashton:

The EU foreign ministers extended the list of blacklisted Belarusian officials at a sitting in Brussels on May 23. The list contains those who are banned from entering the EU countries and whose European assets are frozen. The previous list included 175 persons, and 13 names were added.
Now there are 188 persons on the black list. They are state officials, law-enforcers, judges and prosecutors, heads of universities, journalists, who are responsible for rigging the presidential election results, forcible suppression of protests and crackdown on opposition activists and civil society in Belarus.

Now 8 more countries have
joined the decision of the EU. They are candidates for the EU accession: Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Iceland; countries participating in the stabilization process and potential candidates Albania, Serbia; countries of the European economic zone Norway and Liechtenstein.
Out of the candidates for the EU accession, only Turkey has not supported the sanctions against the regime.

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Prerequisites for Future EU-Russia Agreement

Posted by Info on 13/06/2011

MEPs favour more ambitious trade, visa and cooperation agreements with Russia, but only if it does more to protect basic human rights, e.g. by ending “politically-motivated court decisions” against opposition leaders, removing curbs on press freedom, pulling its troops out of Georgia and allowing gay parades.

This was the key message, in a resolution passed on Thursday, to government leaders at the EU-Russia summit in Nizhny Novgorod.

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Tashkent Refuses Info About Asylum Seekers Expelled from Kazakhstan

Posted by Info on 13/06/2011

Uzbek security services are refusing to confirm the arrival in Uzbekistan of the 28 Uzbek asylum seekers expelled from Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan on 9 June.

The extradition of Uzbek religious asylum seekers from Kazakhstan drew protests from human rights organizations and describing the Kazakh government’s decision as illegal.

The extradition of the asylum seekers, who had been held in detention in Almaty since June 2010, during this period they had been moved to an unknown location and lately A Kazakh Foreign Ministry official confirmed that Uzbek asylum seekers had been extradited to Uzbekistan.

A spokesmen for the Kazakh Foreign Ministry told Human Rights Watch that Uzbekistan had provided diplomatic assurances that the expelled men would not be subject to torture.

Rachel Denber, Human Rights Watch deputy director: “The Kazakh government has deliberately and forcibly sent individuals back to Uzbekistan, where they face likely torture and persecution.”</em>This appalling move sets a terrible precedent throughout the region. Members of the international community should waste no time in condemning this in the strongest terms.”

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