Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

8 More Countries Expanded “BLACK LIST” of Belarusian Officials

Posted by Info on 13/06/2011

EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy Catherine Ashton:

The EU foreign ministers extended the list of blacklisted Belarusian officials at a sitting in Brussels on May 23. The list contains those who are banned from entering the EU countries and whose European assets are frozen. The previous list included 175 persons, and 13 names were added.
Now there are 188 persons on the black list. They are state officials, law-enforcers, judges and prosecutors, heads of universities, journalists, who are responsible for rigging the presidential election results, forcible suppression of protests and crackdown on opposition activists and civil society in Belarus.

Now 8 more countries have
joined the decision of the EU. They are candidates for the EU accession: Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Iceland; countries participating in the stabilization process and potential candidates Albania, Serbia; countries of the European economic zone Norway and Liechtenstein.
Out of the candidates for the EU accession, only Turkey has not supported the sanctions against the regime.

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