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Russia: Chechen Leader Demands Judges Take Tough Line On ‘Terrorists’

Posted by Info on 22/06/2011

Ramzan Kadyrov criticized judges for being soft on “terrorists and murderers.”
“At the moment, we have a few criminal cases that are not being carried through to their logical conclusion. Bandits, terrorists and murderers are being released from court rooms because of the unscrupulousness of our investigators and judges.”

Kadyrov referred to the recent case of the Magomadov brothers accused of killing four policemen, questioning why the men were not charged with terrorism. The case was tried by a jury, which acquitted the brothers.
“There is proof of their crime, but they were set free. It is necessary to arrest them again and review the case taking into consideration every piece of evidence available,” Kadyrov said.

Kadyrov demanded that the judges “change their attitude to work.”

Kadyrov, 34, was inaugurated for his second term as the leader of the volatile North Caucus republic in April. He pledged to safeguard people’s wealth, strengthening of human rights and justice in Chechen society.

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ECHR: Moldova To Pay €15 000 To Prisoner For Torture

Posted by Info on 22/06/2011

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has obliged the Government of Moldova to pay €15-thousand damage to a former prisoner for the use of torture against him in penitentiaries. Ipate case against Moldova.

In May 2006, he was under custody pending a trial in the Chisinau penitentiary #13, when a police officer demanded him to move to the cell #121. The petitioner refused, demanding explanations on the transfer. The officer and 2 prison guard representatives used force against him, beating him up with rubber truncheons and fists.

The claimant has repeatedly asked to be examined by medic, made complaints to prosecutor’s office, but in vain; national authorities refused to consider the complaint, considering it groundless.

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