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Russia’s Medvedev ‘Won’t Compete With Putin’ Even He wishes To Be President

Posted by Info on 28/06/2011

President Dmitry Medvedev about the Russia’s 2012 presidential polls, sayid that he wanted a second term but would not stand against powerful predecessor Vladimir Putin.
With just nine months left before the March elections, neither Medvedev, 45, nor Putin, 58, have announced their candidacy.

The interview appeared riddled with mixed messages, with Medvedev saying Russia needed political competition yet expressing concern that running against Putin could hurt development.

“The thing is that Vladimir Putin — both my colleague and old friend — and I still largely represent the same political force. In this sense, competition between us could in fact harm those tasks and goals we have been pursuing for the past years. Therefore probably this would not be the best scenario for our country and this concrete situation.”

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