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Russia: New Interdepartmental Commission To Combat Extremism

Posted by Info on 30/07/2011

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree to form an interdepartmental commission for counteracting extremism. The interior minister will chair the commission.

The decree holds that the interdepartmental commission for counteracting extremism will implement the state policy in combating extremism, and provide for coordination and organizational-methodical management of the activities of the federal executive authorities.
The commission should draft annual reports about the acts of extremism in Russia and present them to the president not later than the second quarter of the year after the quarter to be reported on, develop measures to combat extremism and eliminate the reasons and conditions spurring up extremism; develop draft concepts, strategies, programs, plans and other documents for counteracting extremism.

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Russian Court Makes Foreign Donations To NGOs Tax Free

Posted by Info on 30/07/2011

The Russian Supreme Arbitration Court has freed non-governmental organizations from paying a tax on the donations they receive from foreign foundations. The tax officials wanted to levy a 24 percent profit tax on such donations.

The court case started in 2009 after tax inspectors from the Russian internal republic of Tatarstan tried to levy a 700 000 rubles (about $25 000) profit tax on the Russian trans-regional human rights association Agora for two separate donations they had received from the US Endowment for Democracy and the TIDES foundation. Together with the fines, the sum owed reached some 1.2 million rubles.

Two previous court rulings had favored the tax inspectors, prior to the Supreme Arbitration Court’s decision to apply the principle of singularity as it corresponds with legal norms.

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Украинa Oтказала Pоссии B Bыдаче Солопова

Posted by Info on 28/07/2011

Генеральная прокуратура Украины отказала российским правоохранительным органам в выдаче Дениса Солопова. Денис отпущен из Лукьяновского следственного изолятора, он покинул страну. «Решение было принято на этой неделе довольно тайно.

На родине Дениса обвиняют в погроме Химкинской администрации. Акция, спровоцированная безразличным отношением чиновников к вырубке Химкинского леса под строительство трассы Москва – Санкт-Петербург, состоялась ровно год назад – 28 июля. После тех событий Денис уехал из России, получил статус беженца ООН в Украине, но не смог добиться его от украинских властей. Его арестовали, и с начала марта – почти пяти месяцев – Денис находился в СИЗО в ожидании решения Генеральной прокуратуры.

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Law On Better Personal Data Protection Takes Effect in RF

Posted by Info on 27/07/2011

Amendments to the Law “On Personal Data” published today in the Rossiiskaya Gazeta newspaper on Wednesday severely tighten requirements for operators of databases. “The era of illegal business – trade in databases with passport data of Russians, their phone number, car numbers, as well as family status, property, income and medical history – seemingly is ending in Russia” .
The new law gives citizens the right to demand compensation for moral damage and damages in case of leakage of personal information. According to an experts quoted by the publication, the new law will “directly affects tens of thousands of Russian companies and organisations that record the contact information of people in computer databases” – clinics and medical centres, mobile operators, banks, insurance companies, pension and investment funds, hotels and travel agencies.

The Russian legislation imposes strict limitations on using of the electronic means of communication for direct marketing. Namely, express consent should be obtained from the individual before marketing communications are sent to him by email or SMS. Lack of such prior consent is presumed unless the sender proves the contrary. It is expressly prohibited to send emails or SMS messages using autodial.
Personal data should be accurate and kept up to date where necessary. more HERE

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European Court of Human Rights: Azerbaijani Must Pay 50,000 Euro To Opposition

Posted by Info on 27/07/2011

In Azerbaijan after the presidential elections in October 2003 four opposition members were arrested: the head of the central executive body of “Musavat” party Arif Hajili, head of Democratic Party Serdar Mamedov (Jalaloglu), an opposition activist Panah Huseynov, editor of the newspaper “Yeni Musavat” Rauf Abbasov (Arifoglu).
All four opposition leaders were sentenced to 4-5 years of imprisonment for organizing mass riots on October 15-16, 2003. But six months later they were pardoned and released.

The European Court decided their right for a fair trial and other items stipulated in the Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights have been violated.
The Azerbaijani authorities are obliged to pay 10,000 Euro as compensation to each of them. Besides, 3,200 Euro must be paid to Sardar Mamedov and the same amount to Panah Huseynov to cover the costs for the work of a lawyer Fuad Agayev. Arif Hajili should be paid 3000 Euro compensation, and Rauf Abbasov – 1500 Euro.

Previously Sardar Jalaloglu already won the case in the European Court against the Azerbaijani government for illegal arrest, and he was paid 10,000 Euro compensation.

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Russia To Spend $10 bln/year in N.Caucasus To Fight Daily Violence?

Posted by Info on 27/07/2011

The Ministry of Regional Affairs planned spending of nearly 4 trillion roubles ($144.2 billion) from the budget and investors until 2025, some 10 times higher than the figure set out in an existing federal program.

Moscow is struggling to contain almost daily violence by insurgents who say they want to create an Islamic state across the North Caucasus region. The money from Moscow is one of the few resources it has to secure the loyalty of local leaders like Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, but the programme’s cost is rising and analysts say the regional insurgency is growing.

Many Russians balk at the thought of their tax roubles supporting a region where Moscow fought two wars since the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union. The issue may play in campaigning before a parliamentary election in December and a March 2012 presidential poll.
Russian nationalists have protested against the spending under the slogan “Stop feeding the Caucasus” and Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

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U.S. Puts Russian Officials Connected With Magnicky Dead On Visa Blacklist

Posted by Info on 26/07/2011

The U.S. State Department has put Russian officials connected to the death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky on a visa blacklist as Moscow threatens to curtail cooperation on Iran, North Korea, Libya and the transit of supplies for Afghanistan if the Senate passes a measure imposing even tougher sanctions for human rights abuses.

The European Parliament, Canada and the Netherlands are moving toward their own visa bans for a list of 60 Russians involved in the case.
The United States, however, is the first to have an active blacklist for the Russians, although senior U.S. officials say it has fewer than 60 names.

Magnitsky was working for an American law firm in Moscow and advising Hermitage Capital, the large Western investment company run by William Browder, when he accused police and tax officials of a $230 million tax fraud. He was quickly arrested and himself charged with the crime.
Almost a year later, in November 2009, he died 37 years old in prison after being denied medical care for apparent pancreatitis and most likely being badly beaten in his final hours. Those connected to the case were given promotions and public commendations, until this month, when the authorities announced that two low-level prison doctors would be prosecuted for neglecting Magnitsky’s care.

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Moldova: New Law Toughens Entry Rules For Foreigners

Posted by Info on 26/07/2011

The parliament of Moldova has approved the first reading of a law which toughens entry rules for foreigners.

At present, entry into Moldova is visa-free for citizens of CIS states; as Moldova prepares to enter the European Union, it has also recently abolished entry visas for EU citizens. However, the new law, if ratified, will oblige foreigners wishing to enter Moldova to present a letter of invitation, a hotel booking, or other documents at the request of customs officers, in order to confirm that they have are visiting on a short-term basis and with no intention to stay.

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Норвежский Tеррорист Hазвал Pумынских Yнионистов Братьями

Posted by Info on 26/07/2011

Норвежский террорист Андерс Беринг Брейвик, предположительно организовавший теракты возле правительства страны и расстрелявший 85 человек на острове недалеко от Осло, назвал румынских унионистов своими братьями и идейными последователями.

В своем манифесте “2083: Декларация независимости Европы”, в разделе, посвященном близким по духу и идеологии движениям в странах континента в Румынии Брейвик выделил лишь две: партию “Великая Румыния” Корнелиу Вадима Тудора и организацию “Новые правые” (“Noua Dreapta”), причастную к апрельским погромам в Кишиневе.

Что интересно, саму Республику Молдова террорист считает потенциальной частью будущей единой Европы, освобожденной от мусульман и марксистов. Всего Молдова в манифесте упомянута четыре раза, в том числе и в контексте страны, откуда в Европу проникают преступные элементы, а также как государство, отношение которого к возможному единому европейскому военному блоку непрояснено.

Вместе с тем, Андерс Беринг Брейвик утверждает, что идейными братьями для него в Молдове являются “христианские культурные консерваторы”.

Что касается России, то без нее норвежец не видит возможности построения Европы в своем понимании, а среди близких по духу организаций называет правящую партию “Единая Россия”и ее молодежные крылья – движения “Наши” и “Молодая гвардия”.

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Russia Will Turn Into An African-style Tinpot Dictatorship If Putin Wins As President

Posted by Info on 25/07/2011

Last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev warned:
If the ex-KGB spy stands and wins in March, he could stay in power for two six-year terms, meaning he would retire only at the age of 71 in 2024.
Gorbachev strongly urged Putin not to reclaim the presidency – which he held previously between 2000 and 2008 – from his protege Dmitry Medvedev.

‘If you try to do everything in the country without taking the people into account, while imitating democracy, that will lead to a situation like in Africa where leaders sit and rule for 20 or 30 years.’
He warned that Putin’s inner circle were bent on centralising power and even advocating dictatorship.
Gorbachev urged that Putin and his cronies from St Petersburg should now step aside – ‘it would be better’

It was time for rulers from ‘the worst, most amoral, most cynical’ generation, raised in Soviet times, to handover to more democratic successors.
‘More than anything else, I am worried about our electoral system, how they’re whittling it away.

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Россия: За Полгода МВД На Кавказе Потеряло 99 Сотрудников

Posted by Info on 25/07/2011

За первые шесть месяцев этого года на Северном Кавказе при проведении спецопераций погибли 99 различных подразделений МВД, 253 получили ранения, сообщил глава МВД РФ Рашид Нургалиев. По его словам, это почти на треть меньше, чем за тот же период прошлого года.
Нургалиев похвалил подчиненных за успешную борьбу с бандподпольем. По его сведениям, за полгода были убиты 209 предполагаемых участников бандформирований, в том числе 24 лидера.

Правозащитники критически восприняли заявления министра: по их мнению, действия силовиков на Кавказе зачастую вызывают возмущение.

…Общественная палата России выразила возмущение тем, что силовики стали обстреливать дом, в котором находились женщины и дети, не попытавшись даже начать переговоры.
Член Общественной палаты Максим Шевченко заявил, что подобные действия “без попытки вступить в переговоры – это не ошибка, а провокация, целью которой является дестабилизация ситуации в Дагестане”.
Нет никаких оправданий убийству снайпером женщины, которая просто выходила из дома, заявил Шевченко.

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Latvians Called To Combat Power Of Oligarch Businessmen – Country “Ruled By Lies”

Posted by Info on 25/07/2011

Latvians have overwhelmingly with 94.8 per cent voted in favour of dissolving parliament in a referendum called to combat the power of oligarch businessmen, early results of the poll showed.
It was the first such referendum since the Baltic country of 2.2 million people broke away from the Soviet Union 20 years ago.The referendum was called for in May when former President Valdis Zatlers used his presidential power to dissolve the parliament – a decision that must be supported by a majority of voters.

Zatlers was angered that MPs had blocked an anti-corruption probe involving top legislators and businessmen.The following week, Zatlers lost his re-election bid when legislators – who in Latvia elect the president every four years – opted for challenger Andris Berzins, a millionaire lawmaker.
Zlaters hammered home his message on the eve of the referendum, saying: “I got fed up of living in a country ruled by lies, cynicism and greed”.

Many Latvians share Zatlers’ concerns that wealthy businessmen-politicians, or oligarchs, have too much influence in politics through their personal and business links with legislators, or by getting into the parliament themselves.

In December 2008 the European Union and the International Monetary Fund stepped in to rescue the country from bankruptcy, but the aid did little to alleviate widespread discontent as the government slashed spending and raised taxes.Unemployment eventually reached nearly 25 per cent, and tens of thousands of people left the country to find work in Sweden, Britain and Ireland.

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Exceptionally from Norway: Right-Wing Extremists Brought Fear, Blood And Death

Posted by Info on 23/07/2011

More than 85 people have been killed when a gunman opened fire at an island youth camp in Norway, hours after a bomb attack killed seven people in the capital, Oslo.

The prime minister said he did not want to speculate on the motives of the attacks, but added: “Compared to other countries I wouldn’t say we have a big problem with right-wing extremists in Norway. But we have had some groups, we have followed them before, and our police is aware that there are some right-wing groups.”
“There have been some groups of that kind in Norway, but again I will not speculate. We will await the investigation from the police before we say anything about the case.”

While police have not officially named him, Norwegian television and newspaper reports have identified the suspect as 32-year-old Anders Behring Breivik, of Norwegian origin.
On the island the gunman was wearing a black uniform, with red edges. He looked liked a Nazi, with his police-like uniform and hair, he was very sure, calm and controlled. He looked like he knew what he was doing. He screamed at us that we would all die.

We all started to run down to the water, people had already undressed and started swimming. I thought I didn’t have enough time to take off my clothes, so I started swimming in the rain, in my clothes and big boots.I went for about 150 metres but the lake is about 800 metres long. I realised I wouldn’t make it so I turned back.

I saw him standing 10 metres from me, shooting at the people who were swimming. He aimed his machine gun at me and I screamed at him, ‘No please no, don’t do it’.”..

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Belarus: Recent Executions Of Two Men – Capital Punishment In Use

Posted by Info on 22/07/2011

Following the recent executions of two men, Oleg Grishkovets and Andrei Burdyka, in Belarus, the rapporteur on Belarus for the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), has reiterated the Assembly’s long-standing and categorical opposition to the death penalty in all circumstances.

“It is with deep regret that I learnt of these executions in Belarus, a country which I cherish and which I would like to bring closer to the Council of Europe family,” Mr Herkel said. “The Belarusian authorities must cease the application of the death penalty for all offences, and immediately institute a moratorium to spare the lives of those on death row. Furthermore, I find it unacceptable that neither the prisoners nor their relatives were informed of the date in advance.

While aiming for the universal abolition of the death penalty, the Council of Europe seeks a moratorium in Belarus, whose “Special guest” status was suspended in 1997 and cannot be reinstated until the country enforces a moratorium on capital punishment and until there is substantial, tangible and verifiable progress in terms of respect for the democratic values and principles upheld by the Council of Europe.

UN calls on member states to stop executions—

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Belarus: One Peaceful Protest Then Arrest, What Is Going On in Detention?

Posted by Info on 22/07/2011

Syarhei Kraido, Syarhei Kalasouski and Alena Savich, arrested after silent protests actions in Minsk on July 6, report about their treatment.

Syarhei Kraido:
“Upon arriving in Zhodzina we got out of vans, we saw a great number of police officers, heard dog barking and saw a masked riot policeman with a baton just near the van. We were guarded to a cellar and made to stand with the face against the wall. Then were led through a dark tunnel one by one. Two masked men stood there. One of them hit in the stomach with his baton, the other one hit in the back of the head…. We left the detention facility through the black door. We were taken to a field and left there.”

Syarhei Kalasouski and his wife Alena Savich were detained on July 6 and sentenced by district court to 7 -10 days.
Policemen wanted to fingerprint Alena, but she refused, because the law does not oblige her to do this…there were lots of cockroaches in cells. A lot of prisoners had problems with the stomach due to bad food.
Toilets in cells were not protected from views. Guards watching prisoners through the eyehole in the door could see what people usually do in the toilet…. people left the detention facility through the black door without money, IDs and personal belongings but a certificate of release.

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