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Asylum Seekers In Isolation In Uzbekistan After Expulsion From Kazakhstan

Posted by Info on 03/07/2011

The 29 asylum seekers extradited from Kazakhstan at Uzbekistan’s request remain in isolation three weeks after their arrival in Uzbekistan. The men are accused of religious extremism and attempting to overthrow Uzbekistan’s constitutional system.
Those men may face torture by Uzbek security services.

The asylum seekers are in isolation and cannot engage independent lawyers to defend them.
Their relatives are not being allowed to see them.

The men – asylum seekers fled Uzbekistan because they were being persecuted for their religious views. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees had granted some of the men refugee status but later annulled this.
Extradition trials rejected their asylum claims and ended in the men’s extradition from Kazakhstan.

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Russian Constitutional Court Backs Whistleblowers

Posted by Info on 03/07/2011

The Constitutional Court ruled that state employees cannot be punished for engaging in whistleblowing activities against their superiors.
The court based its ruling on the case of two state employees, a police officer and tax inspector who both were fired for criticizing their bosses.

“A state employer might express his opinion (based on real facts) if it concerns public interests and if it is not motivated by an intent to defame or pursue personal goals.”

The decision was made in favor of Alexei Mukomolin, a police officer from Tolyatti in the Samara region who criticized his superiors in a video statement posted online in 2009. Mukomolin received a warning and, after he staged a picket in protest, was fired from the police force.

The other plaintiff, Lyubov Kondratyeva, a tax inspector from Moscow, was fired after questioning her superiors’ travel expenses during an interview on Stolitsa television.

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Uzbek “Dictator’s Daughter” Loses Libel Suit Against French News Website

Posted by Info on 03/07/2011

Paris court to reject the libel suit that Uzbek President Islam Karimov’s daughter, Lola Karimova, brought against the French news website Rue89 over an article describing her as a “dictator’s daughter” who used charity events to try to “whitewash her country’s image.”

Karimova had demanded 30,000 euros in damages for the article by Augustin Scalbert, which was posted on the website in May 2010. In today’s ruling, the court described the article as “entirely true to reality”

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