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Most Bizarre Elections = NO Elections As 2 Men Decide In Sauna Which Of Them Will Be President, Not Russians

Posted by Info on 04/07/2011

All the two leaders are willing to reveal is that they’ll reach a decision together, at the appropriate time.

Putin, Russia’s president from 2000 to 2008, handpicked Medvedev. Now Putin could legally return to the presidency two more times – conceivably holding office until 2024, since one of Medvedev’s first legislative initiatives was to extend presidential terms from four years to six.

While the choice between Medvedev, 45, and Putin, 58, may affect the career paths of individual ministers, it won’t change anything for ordinary Russians. The two leaders themselves have repeatedly rejected the notion that there are significant differences between them. More importantly, it’s a foregone conclusion that the candidate with Putin’s name – or endorsement – will win the presidency. The top-down “power vertical” that Putin built as president endures, guaranteeing election results and locking out genuine opponents.

Not even Medvedev has much say. He owes his current job entirely to Putin. Although Medvedev made modernisation of Russia’s corrupt, oil-based economy the catchword of his presidency, he has little to show for his efforts. More than once he has presided over tragicomic government meetings complaining that ministers ignore his orders.

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Россия: Об Угрозах В Адрес Сотрудников Комитета Против Пыток

Posted by Info on 04/07/2011

В последние дни сотрудники Межрегионального комитета против пыток подверглись серьёзному давлению.
В Грозном полиция пресекла согласованный властями пикет, посвящённый Международному Дню поддержки жертв пыток. Pуководителей представительства Комитета в Чечне вызвали в полицию, где им открыто угрожали, требуя прекратить критику силовых структур.
Это можно было бы счесть очередным проявлением нетерпимости чеченских властей к критике, если бы не происшествие в Нижнем Новгороде, где находится штаб-квартира Комитета.

Комитет работает в разных регионах России, в том числе и в едва ли не самом проблемном из них, – в Чечне, пытаясь и здесь бороться с этим всепроникающим злом – пытками.

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