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Russia: Statistics On Explosions And Terror Acts In North-Caucasian In 2011

Posted by Info on 07/07/2011

from January to June, 2011, 43 persons lost, 93 – wounded in 93 explosions and terror acts
Among the explosions there were 7 cases of suicide bombing, in the result of which, in total, 14 persons were killed, including one law enforcement agent, 10 militants and three civilians. And 29 persons got wounded, including one law enforcement agent and 28 civilians. Four out of seven cases of suicide bombing occurred at detention.

From January till June of 2010 in the NCFD, 138 explosions and terror acts occurred, in total, 81 persons were killed,
including 39 law enforcement agents, 11 members of the armed underground and 31 civilians. 297 persons got wounded, including 136 law enforcement agents, 2 militants and 159 civilians.
There were 7 suicide bombings with 29 persons killed, including 18 law enforcement agents, 7 militants and 4 civilians. And 68 persons got wounded, including 44 law enforcement agents and 24 civilians. One out of seven cases of suicide bombing occurred during the armed confrontation with law enforcement agents.

Data cannot cover 100 % of the NCFD territory and reflect with all accuracy the actual number of victims. Not all explosion incidents are mentioned in the news reports. The statements of the law enforcement authorities cannot be checked in all cases. There are difficulties in identifying the remains of corpses

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