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Russia: In Dagestan Military Killed Civilians by “Mistake”

Posted by Info on 11/07/2011

In Kizlyar District of Dagestan the military shelled the vehicles of local residents, since they considered them militants. The shelling was caused by the military’s fear of the possible attack of the militants. “They were afraid that the vehicles contained militants and defended themselves as they could.”

According to the journalist Gadjimurad Kamalov, the temporary military encampment, and not the motor convoy, was indeed shelled from the forest direction at about 9:13 p.m.
“In about 23 minutes the military opened fire on bypassing cars – the “Gazel” and the “VAZ-2199”. In another 20 minutes they shelled one more “Gazel”.”.

“One of the victims was Abdulnasyr Pakhrutdinovich Abdullaev, born in 1966, a melon field keeper. His two nephews were together with him in the car. Both boys were wounded.”

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Россия: Ситуация B зоне Kонфликта Hа Северном Кавказе 2011

Posted by Info on 11/07/2011

Бюллетень Правозащитного центра «Мемориал» Ситуация в зоне конфликта на Северном Кавказе: оценка правозащитников Весна 2011 гг.

.…За первые два месяца 2011 г. было убито 11 и ранено 15 сотрудников правоохранительных органов (Газета Юга, 17.3.2011). 29% убийств, совершенных в республике с начала 2011 г. по всем признакам, были совершены участниками подполья (РИА Новости, 13.4.2011). В начале 2011 г. .. тактика совершения преступлений подпольем значительно изменилась; они стали более масштабными, тщательно подготовленными, влекущими большее число жертв….
Боевики хорошо вооружены – только за последний год во время нападений на сотрудников МВД было похищено 50 единиц оружия, определенное его количество ушло из воинских частей после событий в Южной Осетии. Пользуясь огромным теневым сегментом кабардино-балкарского бизнеса (водочное производство, туризм), боевики освоили рэкет, лишь слегка маскируя его мусульманской риторикой. Однако, пока ни один факт вымогательства боевиков у предпринимателей не только не доказан в суде, но и не стал предметом расследования…..

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German Prize Honoring Putin For ‘Enlightenment’

Posted by Info on 11/07/2011

The Berlin-based group Werkstatt Deutschland announced that Putin was to receive its “Quadriga” prize, which would be bestowed on him October 3, the Day of German Unity.

The award, which has no monetary component, has been offered every year since 2003 to honor “models committed to enlightenment, engagement and the common interest.”

The award raised questions in the German press as to why Putin, criticized by human rights activists for his authoritarian leadership, should deserve such an honor. Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, himself a previous recipient of the Quadriga prize, has criticized Putin as “autocratic.”
Russian political scientist Vladislav Belov said he was “astonished” that Putin is to be honored in Germany at this time, and that the Russian leader had no need for such an award.

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