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OSCE: Pluralism Within Media Is Hallmark Of Healthy Democracy

Posted by Info on 15/07/2011

Thomas Hammarberg, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights:
If too few voices are heard and too little meaningful information is circulated… Important information will never catch the public’s eye.

I once asked the Ombudsman in one of the former Soviet states what reform he would consider as the most important for human rights protection in the country. His answer was: a truly independent TV channel!

In some countries, there is a lack of genuine competition: independent television and radio channels are denied licenses, critical newspapers have difficulties in buying print paper or with printing and distributing their papers.

Another problem can be that the government buys advertisement space only in the “loyal” media,…Concentration of media ownership is another problem. In Italy, for example, the Prime Minister is the biggest shareholder of by far the largest private television company Its ‘Canale 5’.
There are examples of countries where the state-funded media serve as a mouthpiece of the government. The top management positions are filled by confidants of the President or Prime Minister.

Journalists find stories and sources on blogs, Facebook and by following Twitter feeds.
When no journalists were allowed to enter Libya after unrest broke out in the spring this year, it was films, pictures and messages sent from people’s mobile phones which could be seen in the evening news.

However, even if anyone who has access to the Internet can reach a very large audience, there is only so much information one can digest.

· The European Convention on Human Rights also applies online: legislators, judges, governments and officials have to make sure that any of their laws, decisions and practices aimed at controlling the Internet have a legal basis, need to pursue a legitimate aim and are necessary in a democratic society.

‘New media’, or social media, and public service media can be very useful for media pluralism. But what is also needed, is a strong commitment by authorities to the human rights obligation to promote and protect media pluralism, including on the Internet.

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Российская Власть Вольно Трактует Законы

Posted by Info on 15/07/2011

Российские правозащитники заявляют, что методы борьбы с любыми формами проявления инакомыслия, которые использует нынешняя власть, все больше напоминают советские.
Для преследования оппозиции, по мнению наблюдателей, чаще всего используется 282-я статья Уголовного кодекса РФ, известная как закон об экстремизме. Ряд правозащитных организаций, в числе которых – Общественная национальная комиссия по контролю за деятельностью пенитенциарных учреждений, считает эту статью политической и настаивает на ее отмене.

Представители правозащитного центра “Мемориал” полагают, что в существовании 282-й статьи нет ничего страшного, но применять ее следует более взвешенно.

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Kazakh Prisoners + Torture + UN SR Manfred Nowak

Posted by Info on 15/07/2011

Kazakhstan sees regular protests from prisoners at the terrible conditions in the jails, which often involve inmates slicing open their own abdomens.

Manfred Nowak, the former Special Rapporteur on torture for the United Nations, reported in 2009 that “torture and ill treatment certainly goes beyond isolated instances” in Kazakhstan’s prisons, adding that he had received “credible allegations” of beatings with fists and bottles and asphyxiation with plastic bags.

ButMr Aitken, who is working with Kazakhstan’s justice ministry on a series of prisoner rehabilitation schemes disagrees claiming that Nowak’s picture was misleading.
“They’re extraordinarily clean. British prisons aren’t nearly as clean as Kazakhstan’s prisons.

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Эстония Предоставила Убежище Блогеру Из России

Posted by Info on 15/07/2011

Российский музыкант и блогер Савва Терентьев, осужденный три года назад за разжигание ненависти к милиционерам, получил политическое убежище в Эстонии.

Скандал вокруг комментариев Саввы Терентьева в адрес российской милиции разгорелся в 2007 году. В “Живом журнале” одного из своих знакомых он оставил комментарий, в котором дал крайне негативную оценку сотрудников МВД.
В июле 2008 года Нажать суд Сыктывкара признал его виновным в возбуждении ненависти, вражды и унижении человеческого достоинства (часть 1 статьи 282 Уголовного кодекса России) и приговорил к году лишения свободы условно.

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