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Draft Legislation: Russian Authorities and ECHR – Serious Consequences

Posted by Info on 16/07/2011

The State Duma is currently examining legislation aimed at limiting the domestic impact of decisions taken by the European Court of Human Rights(ECHR).

Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland said: if passed, the bill would have “serious consequences” for Russia’s relationship to the institution.

The judges of the ECHR have delivered the final word on hundreds of cases originating in Russia, many with a strong political resonance. This year alone, the court has heard cases brought by relatives of Chechen residents who disappeared after being abducted by authorities.

It was a case involving paternal child leave that caused acting chairman of Russia’s upper legislative chamber, to seek to limit the ECHR’s capacity to intervene in Russian affairs. In Konstantin Markin vs. Russia, the court had ruled that Markin, a divorced Russian serviceman with a newborn child, was wrongfully denied his request for three years parental leave, the same amount afforded to female military personnel. The ECHR held that Russian military legislation was discriminatory on the basis of gender and directed Russia to amend its laws.

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Tajikistan: BBC Reporter Charged With Extremism Released On Bail

Posted by Info on 16/07/2011

Authorities arrested Urinboy Usmonov, a BBC World Service correspondent, on June 13 on charges of belonging to a banned Islamist group and indicted him with making “public calls to forcibly change the constitutional system of Tajikistan,” according to press reports and CPJ interviews. Unable to prove the initial charges, authorities amended the indictment.

Usmonov was just today released on bail but continue to be charged with extremism while a travel ban was imposed.

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Пресс-Секретарь Посольства Великобритании В Узбекистане Оштрафован На $1600

Posted by Info on 16/07/2011

15 июля в суде по уголовным делам г. Ташкента прошел суд по делу сотрудника отдела прессы и общественных связей посольства Великобритании в Узбекистане Леонида Кудрявцева, обвиненного по части 1 статьи 201 Кодекса об административной ответственности – «Нарушение порядка организации, проведения собраний, митингов, уличных шествий или демонстраций».

Кудрявцев был признан полностью виновным.Судья Ашерматов С.Н., известный своим участием в процессе по делу корреспондента радиостанции «Голос Америки» Абдумалика Бобоева, в выборе наказания остановился на 80 МРЗП, что на сегодняшний день эквивалентно 3.978.800 сумам или 1610 долларам США по курсу «черного» рынка.

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“Scandalous” German Award = Vaclav Havel is not Like Vladimir Putin

Posted by Info on 16/07/2011

Berlin-based Werkstatt Deutschland announced that Putin was to receive the prize for his contribution to Russia’s “stability through the interaction between prosperity, economics and identity,” as well as to the reliability of German-Russian ties.
Putin served with the KGB in East Germany for five years until German reunification in 1990.

The award, which has no monetary component, is awarded to honor “models committed to enlightenment, engagement and the common interest.” Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and former Czech president Vaclav Havel have won the award in the past.

Several Quadriga board members withdrew from the board in protest against the decision as described the decision as “scandalous.”

Vaclav Havel hails retraction of Putin ‘role model’ prize.
“Vaclav Havel thinks it was very wise of the panel to reconsider its choice,” Havel’s secretary Sabina Tancevova told AFP.
The award should be given to people like Anna Politkovskaya or Sergei Kovalov or Liu Xiaobo — people who devoted their lives to protection of human rights and freedoms and promoting democracy.”

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