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Turkmen Journalist Threatened For Blogs About Explosions and Number of Dead

Posted by Info on 18/07/2011

A fire at an armory on a military base in the city of Abadan on July 7 is believed to have set off a series of explosions that sprayed ammunition throughout the city, causing tens of thousands of people to be evacuated as many homes and other structures were burnt down or damaged.

Eyewitnesses say that scores of people were killed and injured by the blasts, but the Turkmen government said only 15 people died.
In his blogs, Yazguliyev was highly critical of the authorities
— and the State Security Council — for their slow reaction to the deadly event.
Government officials said for nearly three days that there were no casualties and only minor damage as a result of the explosions.

Yazguliyev also wrote that there were not 15 dead, as the government claimed, but rather that hundreds of people had been killed.

Yazguliyev was treated well and in a polite manner while being questioned, but was warned that if he is summoned by security forces again because of his blogs he will be charged with “disseminating defamatory information through the media” and “causing national, social, and religious provocations.”
Yazguliyev would face prison sentences of two and five years for those charges, respectively, if tried and found guilty.

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Russia: More Officials To Be Sued Over Magnitsky Death

Posted by Info on 18/07/2011

Lawyer Sergei Magnitsky died after almost a year in Moscow’s pre-trial detention center in November 2009. He had been arrested on tax evasion charges just days after
Magnitsky was working for the Hermitage Capital investment fund. He had claimed to have uncovered massive fraud on the part of law enforcement officials claiming that police investigators had stolen $230 million from the state just 2 days before he was detained by some of the same officials. His death led to an international outcry.

Kremlin human rights council report said Magnitsky’s death at the age of 37 was likely to have been the result of a beating and that the charges against him were fraudulent.

Today the Russian Investigative Committee has launched a criminal case against two former pre-trial detention center staff Larisa Litvinova and Dmitry Kratov.
Litvinova, who was Magnitsky’s doctor, is charged with causing the lawyer’s death by neglecting to render professional care. Her superior at the detention center, Kratov, is charged with negligence.
“The work on the Magnitsky case is ongoing; we are in contact with investigators almost every day,” Kabanov said.“We must get to the bottom of it, including the role of law enforcement and state security service officials.”

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Vladimir Putin as 007 Agent James Bond on Posters in Moscow

Posted by Info on 18/07/2011

A poster showing Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as Britain’s trained killer and spy James Bond has been pasted all over central Moscow. An unknown designer copied the iconic image used for Casino Royale with Daniel Craig holding a gun, but replaced Craig’s head with that of Russia’s most powerful man.

Putin’s office today promised recriminations.
‘We don’t know who is behind this, but this action borders on hooliganism,‘ his spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. “The Moscow government’s committee for advertising will deal with the issue and the company.”

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Узбекские Журналисты Теряют Работу После Посещения Зарубежных Стран

Posted by Info on 18/07/2011

Корреспондент ташкентской газеты «Новый век» Ольга Фазилова написала вынужденное заявление об увольнении после допроса, устроенного ей главным редактором Валерием Ниязматовым по поводу поездки в Германию во время отпуска на тренинг для независимых журналистов.
«Мне недвусмысленно дали понять, что продолжать работу в газете после случившегося я больше не смогу».

Так, в 2009 году за один лишь факт поездки во Францию были уволены два журналиста узбекскоязычных газет – Собиржон Якубов и Беккул Эгамкулов; позже за поездку в ту же страну из газеты «Uzbekistan today» был уволен лучший экономический журналист Узбекистана Дмитрий Поваров, а за турне по США поплатился должностью редактор другого крупного издания. В 2010 году за поездку во время своего отпуска на юбилей Астаны, организованную посольством Казахстана, получила расчет редактор отдела международной информации негосударственного информагентства «Туркистон-пресс» Екатерина Хлоповских. Это лишь часть уволенных по этой причине журналистов.

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Kadyrov Regime Struggles to Suppress Dissent in Chechnya

Posted by Info on 18/07/2011

On July 6, the Kavkazsky Uzel website reported new cases of arson attacks against relatives of suspected rebels in Chechnya. According to sources up to 120 persons recently had defected to the insurgents.
The security services captured close relatives of the people who had joined the insurgents and took them to the mountainous Vedeno district in southern Chechnya.

In September 2010, the Russian NGO Memorial reported that Chechen government forces used relatives of rebels as human shields while searching the wooded areas for militants. More recently, detained relatives of rebels may also have been taken to the Vedeno district to be used as human shields for Kadyrov’s forces.
Kadyrov had repeatedly warned relatives of the insurgents that they would be held responsible for the insurgents’ actions. In 2008 and 2009, arson attacks on the homes of relatives of militants were common in Chechnya, and there were several such incidents reported in 2010.

Meanwhile, on July 5 the Chechen authorities introduced a counter-terrorism operation regime in the southern mountainous part of Grozny district. However.. “Announcing a counter-terrorism operation regime on part of the republic’s territory means the security services either received information about the militants preparing for large-scale actions and decided to avert attacks, or that there are many more militants in the republic and their ranks have significantly increased recently,”

The Chechen authorities must be facing an extremely urgent threat to revert to a counter-terrorism regime.
Consequently, the Chechen republic has become entangled in a vicious cycle of economic impotence, unemployment and persistent violence by government-sponsored groups and non-state actors, going back and forth from relative stability to low-grade civil war.

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