Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Belarus: One Peaceful Protest Then Arrest, What Is Going On in Detention?

Posted by Info on 22/07/2011

Syarhei Kraido, Syarhei Kalasouski and Alena Savich, arrested after silent protests actions in Minsk on July 6, report about their treatment.

Syarhei Kraido:
“Upon arriving in Zhodzina we got out of vans, we saw a great number of police officers, heard dog barking and saw a masked riot policeman with a baton just near the van. We were guarded to a cellar and made to stand with the face against the wall. Then were led through a dark tunnel one by one. Two masked men stood there. One of them hit in the stomach with his baton, the other one hit in the back of the head…. We left the detention facility through the black door. We were taken to a field and left there.”

Syarhei Kalasouski and his wife Alena Savich were detained on July 6 and sentenced by district court to 7 -10 days.
Policemen wanted to fingerprint Alena, but she refused, because the law does not oblige her to do this…there were lots of cockroaches in cells. A lot of prisoners had problems with the stomach due to bad food.
Toilets in cells were not protected from views. Guards watching prisoners through the eyehole in the door could see what people usually do in the toilet…. people left the detention facility through the black door without money, IDs and personal belongings but a certificate of release.


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