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Russia Will Turn Into An African-style Tinpot Dictatorship If Putin Wins As President

Posted by Info on 25/07/2011

Last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev warned:
If the ex-KGB spy stands and wins in March, he could stay in power for two six-year terms, meaning he would retire only at the age of 71 in 2024.
Gorbachev strongly urged Putin not to reclaim the presidency – which he held previously between 2000 and 2008 – from his protege Dmitry Medvedev.

‘If you try to do everything in the country without taking the people into account, while imitating democracy, that will lead to a situation like in Africa where leaders sit and rule for 20 or 30 years.’
He warned that Putin’s inner circle were bent on centralising power and even advocating dictatorship.
Gorbachev urged that Putin and his cronies from St Petersburg should now step aside – ‘it would be better’

It was time for rulers from ‘the worst, most amoral, most cynical’ generation, raised in Soviet times, to handover to more democratic successors.
‘More than anything else, I am worried about our electoral system, how they’re whittling it away.

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Россия: За Полгода МВД На Кавказе Потеряло 99 Сотрудников

Posted by Info on 25/07/2011

За первые шесть месяцев этого года на Северном Кавказе при проведении спецопераций погибли 99 различных подразделений МВД, 253 получили ранения, сообщил глава МВД РФ Рашид Нургалиев. По его словам, это почти на треть меньше, чем за тот же период прошлого года.
Нургалиев похвалил подчиненных за успешную борьбу с бандподпольем. По его сведениям, за полгода были убиты 209 предполагаемых участников бандформирований, в том числе 24 лидера.

Правозащитники критически восприняли заявления министра: по их мнению, действия силовиков на Кавказе зачастую вызывают возмущение.

…Общественная палата России выразила возмущение тем, что силовики стали обстреливать дом, в котором находились женщины и дети, не попытавшись даже начать переговоры.
Член Общественной палаты Максим Шевченко заявил, что подобные действия “без попытки вступить в переговоры – это не ошибка, а провокация, целью которой является дестабилизация ситуации в Дагестане”.
Нет никаких оправданий убийству снайпером женщины, которая просто выходила из дома, заявил Шевченко.

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Latvians Called To Combat Power Of Oligarch Businessmen – Country “Ruled By Lies”

Posted by Info on 25/07/2011

Latvians have overwhelmingly with 94.8 per cent voted in favour of dissolving parliament in a referendum called to combat the power of oligarch businessmen, early results of the poll showed.
It was the first such referendum since the Baltic country of 2.2 million people broke away from the Soviet Union 20 years ago.The referendum was called for in May when former President Valdis Zatlers used his presidential power to dissolve the parliament – a decision that must be supported by a majority of voters.

Zatlers was angered that MPs had blocked an anti-corruption probe involving top legislators and businessmen.The following week, Zatlers lost his re-election bid when legislators – who in Latvia elect the president every four years – opted for challenger Andris Berzins, a millionaire lawmaker.
Zlaters hammered home his message on the eve of the referendum, saying: “I got fed up of living in a country ruled by lies, cynicism and greed”.

Many Latvians share Zatlers’ concerns that wealthy businessmen-politicians, or oligarchs, have too much influence in politics through their personal and business links with legislators, or by getting into the parliament themselves.

In December 2008 the European Union and the International Monetary Fund stepped in to rescue the country from bankruptcy, but the aid did little to alleviate widespread discontent as the government slashed spending and raised taxes.Unemployment eventually reached nearly 25 per cent, and tens of thousands of people left the country to find work in Sweden, Britain and Ireland.

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