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Law On Better Personal Data Protection Takes Effect in RF

Posted by Info on 27/07/2011

Amendments to the Law “On Personal Data” published today in the Rossiiskaya Gazeta newspaper on Wednesday severely tighten requirements for operators of databases. “The era of illegal business – trade in databases with passport data of Russians, their phone number, car numbers, as well as family status, property, income and medical history – seemingly is ending in Russia” .
The new law gives citizens the right to demand compensation for moral damage and damages in case of leakage of personal information. According to an experts quoted by the publication, the new law will “directly affects tens of thousands of Russian companies and organisations that record the contact information of people in computer databases” – clinics and medical centres, mobile operators, banks, insurance companies, pension and investment funds, hotels and travel agencies.

The Russian legislation imposes strict limitations on using of the electronic means of communication for direct marketing. Namely, express consent should be obtained from the individual before marketing communications are sent to him by email or SMS. Lack of such prior consent is presumed unless the sender proves the contrary. It is expressly prohibited to send emails or SMS messages using autodial.
Personal data should be accurate and kept up to date where necessary. more HERE

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European Court of Human Rights: Azerbaijani Must Pay 50,000 Euro To Opposition

Posted by Info on 27/07/2011

In Azerbaijan after the presidential elections in October 2003 four opposition members were arrested: the head of the central executive body of “Musavat” party Arif Hajili, head of Democratic Party Serdar Mamedov (Jalaloglu), an opposition activist Panah Huseynov, editor of the newspaper “Yeni Musavat” Rauf Abbasov (Arifoglu).
All four opposition leaders were sentenced to 4-5 years of imprisonment for organizing mass riots on October 15-16, 2003. But six months later they were pardoned and released.

The European Court decided their right for a fair trial and other items stipulated in the Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights have been violated.
The Azerbaijani authorities are obliged to pay 10,000 Euro as compensation to each of them. Besides, 3,200 Euro must be paid to Sardar Mamedov and the same amount to Panah Huseynov to cover the costs for the work of a lawyer Fuad Agayev. Arif Hajili should be paid 3000 Euro compensation, and Rauf Abbasov – 1500 Euro.

Previously Sardar Jalaloglu already won the case in the European Court against the Azerbaijani government for illegal arrest, and he was paid 10,000 Euro compensation.

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Russia To Spend $10 bln/year in N.Caucasus To Fight Daily Violence?

Posted by Info on 27/07/2011

The Ministry of Regional Affairs planned spending of nearly 4 trillion roubles ($144.2 billion) from the budget and investors until 2025, some 10 times higher than the figure set out in an existing federal program.

Moscow is struggling to contain almost daily violence by insurgents who say they want to create an Islamic state across the North Caucasus region. The money from Moscow is one of the few resources it has to secure the loyalty of local leaders like Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, but the programme’s cost is rising and analysts say the regional insurgency is growing.

Many Russians balk at the thought of their tax roubles supporting a region where Moscow fought two wars since the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union. The issue may play in campaigning before a parliamentary election in December and a March 2012 presidential poll.
Russian nationalists have protested against the spending under the slogan “Stop feeding the Caucasus” and Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

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