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Russia: New Interdepartmental Commission To Combat Extremism

Posted by Info on 30/07/2011

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree to form an interdepartmental commission for counteracting extremism. The interior minister will chair the commission.

The decree holds that the interdepartmental commission for counteracting extremism will implement the state policy in combating extremism, and provide for coordination and organizational-methodical management of the activities of the federal executive authorities.
The commission should draft annual reports about the acts of extremism in Russia and present them to the president not later than the second quarter of the year after the quarter to be reported on, develop measures to combat extremism and eliminate the reasons and conditions spurring up extremism; develop draft concepts, strategies, programs, plans and other documents for counteracting extremism.

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Russian Court Makes Foreign Donations To NGOs Tax Free

Posted by Info on 30/07/2011

The Russian Supreme Arbitration Court has freed non-governmental organizations from paying a tax on the donations they receive from foreign foundations. The tax officials wanted to levy a 24 percent profit tax on such donations.

The court case started in 2009 after tax inspectors from the Russian internal republic of Tatarstan tried to levy a 700 000 rubles (about $25 000) profit tax on the Russian trans-regional human rights association Agora for two separate donations they had received from the US Endowment for Democracy and the TIDES foundation. Together with the fines, the sum owed reached some 1.2 million rubles.

Two previous court rulings had favored the tax inspectors, prior to the Supreme Arbitration Court’s decision to apply the principle of singularity as it corresponds with legal norms.

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