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Russia: Criminal Prosecution Against Lawyer Sapiyat Magomedova

Posted by Info on 04/08/2011

Sapiyat Magomedova was beaten on June 17, 2010, when she came to the City Interior Division to meet with her client Malika Evtemirova.
Later a criminal case was initiated against the police officers of the Khasavyurt GOVD under article on excess of police power.

However second day, a criminal case against Sapiyat Magomedova herself was initiated under article on “insulting a power representative”. She is being charged of violence against power officials and insulting police officers on duty. In case she is found guilty, Sapiyat Magomedova would face a threat of up to five years of imprisonment and deprivation of the lawyer’s status.

“How can the lawyers seek justice for their clients, when they themselves are being attacked and prosecuted on their professional duties?” says Tatiana Lokshina, Senior Researcher of the HRW for Russia, and continues: Flagrant charges against Magomedova represent a clear example of harassment against lawyers in Dagestan.

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UNHCR Concerns Over SCO In Its Review Of Kazakhstan

Posted by Info on 04/08/2011

During the UN Human Rights Committee’s July 14-15 review of Kazakhstan Committee in its concluding observations noted with concern that Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member state Kazakhstan “may be willing to rely” on diplomatic assurances provided within the SCO framework “to return foreign nationals to countries where torture and serious human rights violations might occur.” Kazakhstan keeps returning Uyghur asylum seekers to fellow SCO member state China – most recently, Ershidin Israil – and of returning asylum seekers and refugees to other SCO member states as well, including the return in June of 28 Uzbek refugees to Uzbekistan.

The Committee further expressed its concern that “individuals, particularly Uzbek and Chinese nationals, who might have valid claims for asylum or refugee status have no protection under the principle of non-refoulement . . . .” It recommended that Kazakhstan “monitor the treatment of such persons after their return and take appropriate action when [diplomatic] assurances are not fulfilled. Furthermore, [Kazakhstan] should fully comply with the principle of non-refoulement and ensure that all persons in need of international protection receive appropriate and fair treatment at all stages in compliance with the Covenant.”

The SCO has the potential to undermine international human rights obligations by imposing countervailing and problematic commitments upon member states, one of which is the obligation to return any individual accused or suspected of “terrorism,” “separatism,” or “extremism” – charges that are often politically motivated – to a requesting state.

Full text of the Human Rights Committee’s Concluding Observations on Kazakhstan

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Молдова: Полиции и Cудам люди доверяют Mеньше Bсего

Posted by Info on 04/08/2011

Согласно результатам последнего Барометра общественного мнения, двое жителей Молдовы из трех не доверяют полиции, почти 70 процентов не верят и судебным ведомствам. Такие же выводы сделаны и в докладе «Глобальный барометр коррупции 2010», представленном Центром антикоррупционных исследований и инициатив Transparency International.

Причиной недоверия является еще и то, что судьи не готовы применять стандарты процессуального права, установленные Советом Европы. Так считает эксперт по правам человека Роман Задойнов.
«Cами судьи еще не готовы применять те стандарты, которые были установлены в Совете Европы еще с 50 года. Там применяют Конвенцию по правам человека, и у них наработалась судебная практика, поэтому судьи с ней хорошо знакомы», — отметил эксперт по правам человека Роман Задойнов.

По данным соцопроса, в прошлом году Молдова занимала второе после Украины место в списке стран СНГ и Евросоюза, где отмечен самый высокий уровень коррупции среди полицейских.

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Belarus: Investigation In Terrorist Attacks In Minsk In 2011, 2008 And In Vitsebsk In 2005

Posted by Info on 04/08/2011

The preliminary investigation in the terrorist attack in the Minsk metro in April 2011 and blasts in Minsk in 2008 and in Vitsebsk in 2005, was completed, the deputy prosecutor general of Belarus, Andrei Shved.
“The criminal case has been sent to the prosecutor today to be further sent to court”.
I take all responsibility to say that no data pointing at any sponsors behind Kovalev and Konovalov were found during the investigation of the criminal case and special investigation activities. We did not find even indirect data”.
“I can say with all certainty that they did it alone.”

The deputy prosecutor general stressed that the Belarusian terrorists have been conducting their criminal activity for ten years. “They commit the first crime in 2000”.

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Uzbekistan: Warning To Human Rights Activists Speaking To Foreign Journalists

Posted by Info on 04/08/2011

During the Special Correspondent programme on the Russia 1 TV channel Ms Tatyana Dovlatova talked about old people living on very small pensions in Uzbekistan and described the living conditions of her 85-year-old neighbour, Antonina Nikolaeva.

Several days after this programme was shown, Antonina Nikolava’s niece, Natalya Lebedeva, took out a lawsuit against Dovlatova at the Yakkasarai civil court. Lebdeva accused the human rights activists of infringing her aunt’s rights and demanded moral damages of 10 million sums.

Judge upholded Lebdeva’s claim for 10 million sums (US$4,000) in compensation, which is an exorbitant sum for Dovlatova who is herself a pensioner and disabled. Also A Tashkent court has rejected the appeal of human rights campaigner Tatyana Dovlatova and confirmed the decision of the court of first instance.

Moreover even after the court’s decision, the chair of the local government committee, turned down Dovlatova’s request for financial help which her and her disabled brother have been receiving for the last four years, and also refused means-tested entitlement to preferential medical treatment.

Then the inter-regional medical committee revoked Dovlatova’s disabled status, and thus she also lost her pension.

Finally, this chair Osadov, an former employee of the interior ministry reported her to the Yakkasarai criminal court and Dovlatova was fined 200,000 sums for public disorder offences.

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Узбекистан: дополнительные Oграничения Hа Bыезд из Cтраны

Posted by Info on 04/08/2011

Согласно постановлению правительства от 7 июля 2011 года, внесены изменения в Порядок выезда за границу граждан Узбекистана: власти расширили перечень ограничений.

Так, среди препятствий для выдачи разрешения на выезд появилось следующее: МВД или МИД имеют в отношении заявителя информацию компетентных органов о том, что он, находясь за границей, нарушил законодательство страны пребывания (перечень нарушений определяется соответствующими органами), а также информацию, указывающую на нецелесообразность выезда.

Для получения разрешения на выезд (вклеиваемого в паспорт разрешительного стикера) необходимо в пакет соответствующих документов добавить военное удостоверение или справки отдела по делам обороны.

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