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British Embassy Lost Trial In Uzbekistan

Posted by Info on 13/08/2011

A court in Tashkent has dismissed the appeal petition of the press secretary of the British Embassy in Uzbekistan, Leonid Kudryavtsev, who was ordered to pay a large fine. His conviction was for holding meetings with human rights activists at the British Embassy in Tashkent.

Kudryavtsev was found guilty on 15 July by the court and ordered to pay a fine equivalent to 80 times the minimum wage. The total fine is 3,978,800 sums, or US$1,620 at unofficial exchange rates.

The court convicted Kudryavtsev under article 210 of Uzkekistan’s civil code – “contravening the laws on organisations holding meetings, street protests and demonstrations”.

We are certain that the routine contact between the Embassy and representatives of civil society… took place entirely in accordance with the 1961 Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations and with Uzbek law”
Spokesperson for British Embassy in Tashkent

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