Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Independent Journalist Brutally Attacked In Kyrgyzstan

Posted by Info on 16/08/2011

Shokhrukh Saipov, the Osh-based editor and publisher of the news website UzPress, was brutally attacked. He is the younger brother of Alisher Saipov, the prominent journalist killed in southern Kyrgyzstan in October 2007 whose murder remains unsolved.

Unidentified attackers brutally beat Saipov shortly after his 5 p.m.he had attended a media seminar. Three hours later, residents of the village of Aravan, 17 miles (27 kilometers) outside of Osh, found him lying unconscious on a street, with his nose and several teeth broken.The journalist was hospitalized and diagnosed with a severe concussion and partial memory loss.None of his valuables–money, a cell phone, and a laptop–were taken, the brother said.

Shokhrukh Saipov decided to become a journalist after Kyrgyz authorities failed to properly investigate his older brother’s murder and instead imprisoned a man who is largely believed to be innocent.

Saipov’s website–published in Russian, Uzbek, and English–covers social and political issues affecting the daily lives of ethnic Uzbek residents in southern Kyrgyzstan. It also runs commentaries on the ongoing interethnic divide between Uzbek and Kyrgyz residents of the region with recommendations for reconciliation.

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