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Russian Police on YouTube: “Serving the Law, Serving the People”

Posted by Info on 18/08/2011

The Interior Ministry has opened an official channel on YouTube, the popular site where policemen and ordinary people have complained of police corruption.

The channel, named Themvdtube and bearing the slogan “Serving the Law, Serving the People,” contained three educational cartoons on Tuesday that warned against online fraud and gypsy cab drivers and offered tips on how to protect children from criminals.

Ministry spokesman Valery Gribakin said the channel’s main goal was to raise awareness against fraud.

YouTube has been used by a string of whistleblowers. Ex-police officer Alexei Dymovsky, perhaps the best known of them, was arrested and lost his job in the Krasnodar force after he appealed to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in 2009.

Last weekend, Konstantin Timofeyev, head of the organized crime unit of Siberia’s Kemerovo region, posted a video address in which he complained to President Dmitry Medvedev and Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev that local police leaders were in cahoots with “bandits.”

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Poland Dismisses 2 Prosecutors for Exposing Belarus Activist

Posted by Info on 18/08/2011

Poland has dismissed two prosecutors who played a role in giving Belarus financial data about leading human rights activist Ales Belyatskyinformation which led to his arrest.
Earlier this month, financial police in Minsk arrested Belyatsky and charged him with tax evasion. The move came after Polish prosecutors shared the details of a bank account he had in Poland to finance the human rights group, Vyasna, which he founded.
The two prosecutors provided the information despite recommendations from the Foreign Ministry on how to handle such cases.

The rights group Vyasna denounced the case against Belyatsky as politically motivated, saying the charges against him are “punishment and retribution” for his long-running work defending human rights.

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Россия: Северная Осетия готовится K Tерактам

Posted by Info on 18/08/2011

Антитеррористическая комиссия Северной Осетии предупреждает жителей республики о возможных терактах в дни траура, посвященного бесланской трагедии.
«Анализ поступающих в правоохранительные органы данных свидетельствует о сохранении опасности совершения террористических актов на территории РСО-А в преддверии траурных мероприятий посвященных бесланской трагедии 2004 года. Основной целью террористов является дестабилизация обстановки в республике, разжигание межнациональной и межрелигиозной розни”.

Спецслужбы проводят комплекс оперативно-розыскных и заградительных мероприятий по недопущению теракта на стадии его подготовки.

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