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Russia Arrests ‘Politkovskaya Murder Organiser’ – Former Police Officer

Posted by Info on 24/08/2011

Russia has arrested a former senior police officer suspected of organising the 2006 murder of anti-Kremlin reporter Anna Politkovskaya in exchange for cash.

Retired police lieutenant colonel Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov is suspected of organising the criminal group that carried out the murder as well as obtaining the murder weapon whilst he was still working as the head of a top police unit. Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov’s lawyer, Tamara Kuchma, added that her client had not officially been charged with any crime.

Read more:
The Moscow Times

Allegedly Pavlyuchenkov bought the weapons, worked out a plan and decided the role of each of the accomplices in preparing and committing the murder. He used his job to put Ms Politkovskaya under surveillance then passed on the information to the alleged killer.

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