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Russia Intends To Transform CSTO

Posted by Info on 07/09/2011

Russia intends to begin transformation of the CSTO, a military bloc in the post-Soviet space under Moscow’s patronage. The CSTO must give up decision-making by consensus, and become the key peacekeeper in the post-Soviet space while beginning to develop partnership relations with NATO.

The proposals prepared by the Modern Development Institute (INSOR) where Dmitry Medvedev is head of the board of guardians, may make groundwork for the transformation of this military bloc. Chairman of INSOR’s board Igor Yurgens suggests reforming the CSTO’s decision-making by consensus to a simple majority. Yurgens acknowledges that the key problem to turn the CSTO into an effective organization is the special position which Uzbekistan takes almost on any issue.

“In the light of the upcoming withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan in 2014, we have to decide which is more important for us: President Karimov’s special opinion, or the security of Russia and its neighbors – Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. It’s obvious that nobody will need the CSTO in the capacity of discussion club. Russia and its partners have this understanding. Consequently, a new decision-making system is required”.

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Council Of Europe : Report Following Visit To North Caucasus

Posted by Info on 07/09/2011

Commissioner for Human rights Thomas Hammarberg and his delegation visited the Russian Federation from 12 to 21 May 2011. In the course of the visit the Commissioner held discussions on the most serious human rights problems in the North Caucasus Federal District with representatives of the Investigating Committee of the Russian Federation and with local authorities, as well as non-governmental organizations.

I. Counter-terrorism measures
The number of security incidents in Chechnya and Ingushetia has declined following a relative peak in 2009, and the frequency of such incidents in North Ossetia-Alania is comparatively low. Nevertheless, some of the incidents reported in the recent period from those republics have been of a very serious nature. Moreover, the increase of violence in Kabardino-Balkaria has led to the imposition of a counter-terrorist operation (CTO) regime in certain areas
The continuing challenges to security in the North Caucasus amount to a serious ongoing crisis with consequences which extend beyond the region. Undoubtedly, such a crisis constitutes a test of the strength of State commitment to human rights principles….

II. Abductions, disappearances, and ill-treatment

The Commissioner is deeply concerned by the persistence of allegations and other information relating to abductions, disappearances and ill-treatment of persons deprived of their liberty in the North Caucasus. While the number of abductions and disappearances reported in Chechnya may have decreased in the more recent period as compared to 2009, the situation remains far from normal….

III. Combating impunity
The lack of effective investigations into human rights violations where law enforcement or other security officials are implicated has been raised repeatedly by the current Commissioner and his predecessor. The European Court of Human Rights has by now examined nearly 200 cases in which it found violations of Article 2 (right to life) and/or Article 3 (prohibition of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment) in relation to actions of security forces in the Chechen Republic and other parts of the North Caucasus Federal District. The violations have related to unlawful killings, disappearances, and torture and ill-treatment attributable to the security forces, as well as a failure to investigate such crimes effectively. The persistent patterns of impunity for such serious violations are among the most intractable human rights problems of the North Caucasus and remain a source of major concern to the Commissioner….more click HERE

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Poland Continue To Support Belarusian opposition

Posted by Info on 07/09/2011

Polish Premier Donald Tusk said:
We will support the Belarusian opposition in order to conduct dialog in accordance with democratic standards, not to [President] Alexander Lukashenko’s dictation.”
He added that democratic changes were a precondition for financial aid from Warsaw to Belarus, where frequent protests coincided with a sharp downturn in living standards. Financial aid will be possible only after free and fair elections are held in the country.

A number of jailed Belarusian opposition members were released in early September.

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Россия: Журналист Олег Кашин Удостоен Немецкой Премии За Свободу

Posted by Info on 07/09/2011

31-летний Олег Кашин является одним из известнейших в России автором журналистских расследований, отмечается в заявлении фонда. При этом он не только изобличает дефициты демократии в стране, но и мужественно раскрывает проблемы в социальной и экологической сферах. В ноябре 2010 года на Кашина было совершено нападение, он был жестоко избит неизвестными. Этот инцидент вызвал волну возмущения не только в России, но и в других странах.

В Германии объявлены лауреаты Премии за свободу и будущее СМИ. 6 сентября Лейпцигский фонд поддержки СМИ сообщил, что в 2011 году награда присуждена специальному корреспонденту газеты “Коммерсант” Олегу Кашину, а также тунисскому журналисту Фахему Букаддусу и корреспонденту немецкого телеканала ARD Штефану Бухену (Stefan Buchen).

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