Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Russia Intends To Transform CSTO

Posted by Info on 07/09/2011

Russia intends to begin transformation of the CSTO, a military bloc in the post-Soviet space under Moscow’s patronage. The CSTO must give up decision-making by consensus, and become the key peacekeeper in the post-Soviet space while beginning to develop partnership relations with NATO.

The proposals prepared by the Modern Development Institute (INSOR) where Dmitry Medvedev is head of the board of guardians, may make groundwork for the transformation of this military bloc. Chairman of INSOR’s board Igor Yurgens suggests reforming the CSTO’s decision-making by consensus to a simple majority. Yurgens acknowledges that the key problem to turn the CSTO into an effective organization is the special position which Uzbekistan takes almost on any issue.

“In the light of the upcoming withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan in 2014, we have to decide which is more important for us: President Karimov’s special opinion, or the security of Russia and its neighbors – Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. It’s obvious that nobody will need the CSTO in the capacity of discussion club. Russia and its partners have this understanding. Consequently, a new decision-making system is required”.


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