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Russia And Post Soviet Republics = One Of The Worst Air-traffic Safety Records

Posted by Info on 08/09/2011

According to the International Air Transport Association in 2010 Russia and the former Soviet republics combined for one of the worst air-traffic safety records in the world, with a total accident rate almost three times the world average.

A private Russian jet carrying one of the country’s top hockey teams ( including 3 of the best Czech players) crashed yesterday after a failed takeoff attempt, killing 43 people including the team’s Canadian coach. There were only two survivors.
The accident was Russia’s eighth fatal plane crash this year, bringing the 2011 death toll to 120.

The aircraft Yakovlev 42 (YAK 42) was banned in July 2009 from flying into the European Union due to “major safety deficiencies affecting flight operations”.

Restrictions were lifted a few months later, but the plane was to be regularly “ramp-checked to ensure compliance with international standards.” Despite lifting the regulations on the Yak-42, the EU still banned two other YAK Service planes from entering their airspace because they were not satisfied the operator was complying with safety standards.

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Russia: Prison Doctors Ordered to Check Inmates’ Health

Posted by Info on 08/09/2011

After the death of lawyer for Hermitage Capital Sergei Magnitsky, the Justice Ministry has ordered prison doctors to check the health of prisoners being punished with solitary confinement. The decree outlines the procedures for the medical check, which is already required under the law.

The government in January compiled a list of diseases that qualify a suspect to be placed in a prison hospital rather than a cell. The diseases include severe cases of diabetes, tuberculosis, cancer, HIV and heart disease. The January list is similar to a 2004 government list of diseases that prohibit prison officials from placing a prisoner in solitary confinement.

Russia’s prison system is notorious for harsh detention conditions and abysmal health care. The Prosecutor General’s Office said in February that 4,423 people died in custody in 2010, a 9 percent year-on-year increase.
More than 90 percent of prisoners have chronic diseases, including 410,000 with HIV, tuberculosis and other life-threatening diseases.
About 260,000 prisoners are placed in disciplinary cells every year.
About 820,000 prisoners are housed in Russian prisons.

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