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U.N. Boss Not Happy About All Antiterrorist Efforts / Calls For Global Anti-terror Treaty

Posted by Info on 09/09/2011

U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon in the occasion of 10th anniversary of September 11 attacks on the United States is to repeat his call for a global counter-terrorism treaty.
The U.N. has more than 13 separate treaties which cover terrorism, terror financing, hijacking and weapons of mass destruction, but wants a global convention to unite all aspects of counter terrorism and provide new impetus to combat threats. Because as Ban said, last month’s bombing of a U.N. building in Nigeria showed that threats remained, despite global efforts.

“Our goal is to have a comprehensive convention dealing with the whole of international terrorism.”

“Regrettably, this has not come to this day. There has been some disagreement among member states…India is a strong supporter of the global treaty, but disagreements in the Middle East about what organisations can be deemed terror organisations have long scuttled any agreement.”

Instead, the United Nations in 2001 set up a Counter Terrorism Committee, made up of members of the U.N. Security Council, which oversees global efforts to fight terrorism. In 2005 the Security Council adopted a resolution to urge member states to deny safe haven for anyone planning acts of terrorism…

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