Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

US To Lift Its Restrictions On Uzbekistan Regardless Of Human Rights Records

Posted by Info on 09/09/2011

US president Obama’s administration propose to drop restrictions on assistance to the Uzbek government. The restrictions, in place since 2004, should be lifted only when the Uzbek government significantly improves its practices.

The administration wants Congress to adopt language that would allow the secretary of state to waive existing human rights-based restrictions on US assistance, including military aid, to the Uzbek government. The waiver would be intended to help secure a deal the United States is negotiating with the Uzbek government to provide the US enhanced military access to Uzbekistan to support its operations in Afghanistan.

The restrictions on aid to Uzbekistan from 2004 are based on legislation enacted in 2002 that makes US assistance to the Uzbek government contingent on its efforts to improve its human rights record and to institute political and institutional reform, to certify that the Uzbek government is making “substantial and continuing progress” in meeting its commitments to the United States under a joint Declaration on the Strategic Partnership and Cooperation Framework, signed in March 2002.

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