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Россия: На Северном Кавказе Yже 1007 Жертв В 2011г.

Posted by Info on 15/09/2011

С начала 2011 года жертвами продолжающегося вооруженного конфликта на Северном Кавказе стали не менее 1007 человек. В том числе 593 человека были убиты, еще 414 – получили ранения. Таковы итоги подсчетов «Кавказского узла», основанных на собственных материалах и информации из открытых источников.

Абсолютное первенство среди регионов Северного Кавказа по количеству жертв – 539 человек – принадлежит Дагестану, который лидировал по общему числу жертв конфликта и в первом полугодии 2011 года. В республике с начала года 315 человек были убиты и 224 ранены.

На втором месте Чечня, где насчитывается 184 жертвы вооруженного противостояния силовиков и подполья, в том числе 81 убитый и 103 раненых; на третьем – Кабардино-Балкария — 137 жертв, в числе которых 98 убитых и 39 раненых.

Далее – в порядке убывания – следуют Ингушетия (97 жертв: 65 убитых и 32 раненых), Северная Осетия (24 жертвы: 18 убито, шестеро ранены), Карачаево-Черкесия (16 жертв: убиты 12 человек и четверо получили ранения), Ставропольский край (10 жертв: четверо убитых и шестеро раненых).

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Russian Billionaire Accuses Kremlin Of Sabotaging Political Career

Posted by Info on 15/09/2011

Russian oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov, leader of the Pravoe Delo (Right Cause) party has accused the Kremlin of trying to sabotage his fledgling political career ahead of key polls.
His allies and spokespeople complained people close to the Kremlin had conspired against the party leader to boot him out.
“There are attempts by employees of the presidential administration to put the Right Cause party under control. Who is behind this, I will say tomorrow.

In May, Mr Prokhorov, the owner of the NBA’s New Jersey Nets basketball team, announced his readiness to lead a small pro-reform party in parliamentary polls.
In June, he easily won the party’s leadership at a congress, setting the goal of challenging the dominance of Vladimir Putin’s ruling United Russia faction.

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Russia Objected To International Election Monitoring

Posted by Info on 15/09/2011

OSCE election observers said the 2003 parliamentary vote was rigged in favor of Mr. Putin’s United Russia party. In 2007, the OSCE was authorized to send a reduced delegation of 70 observers but eventually called off the monitoring mission, saying Russia had refused to issue their visas on time.

This year there are expected 500 international observers from groups other than the OSCE, including some from former Soviet republics with authoritarian regimes. In addition, several Kremlin-backed Russian civic groups plan to monitor the parliamentary and presidential elections.

Independent analysts, Western diplomats and Russian opposition leaders predict that both coming elections will be rife with violations to ensure commanding victories for the Kremlin. Kremlin and party officials say they are confident of winning a fair vote.

Now Russia objected to an international election-monitoring body’s proposal to send 260 observers for parliamentary elections in December 2011, underscoring tension with the West about the state of democracy here.
Russia’s top election official, Vladimir Churov, said on Wednesday that 260 observers is too many, but declined at a news conference to say how many would be allowed.

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Belarus: Hearings Into Minsk Metro Blast Starts – Was It Terrorist Act?

Posted by Info on 15/09/2011

A powerful bomb explosion occurred at the Oktybrskaya metro station in Minsk in the rush hour on April 11, 2011. Fifteen people died and about 200, including three Russian nationals, were injured.

An open hearing into this Minsk explosion is starting today. Dmitry Konovalov and Vlad Kovalev, both born in Vitebsk in 1986, will face trial on charges of terrorism. Konovalov is also accused of staging explosions in his native Vitebsk on September 14 and 22, 2005 and in Minsk on the night from July 3 to 4, 2008.

Under Belarusian laws, people convicted on charges of terrorism may face DEATH PENALTY.

Investigators have no information that some contractors and organizers stood behind the two young men. According to the deputy chief prosecutor Andrei Shved, the motives behind the actions were personal.
“A hypertrophic feeling of self-importance and general dislike of people pushed them to committing this crime,” said Oleg Kotenev from the anti-terror centre of the State Security Committee of Belarus.

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