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Belarus: Hearings Into Minsk Metro Blast Starts – Was It Terrorist Act?

Posted by Info on 15/09/2011

A powerful bomb explosion occurred at the Oktybrskaya metro station in Minsk in the rush hour on April 11, 2011. Fifteen people died and about 200, including three Russian nationals, were injured.

An open hearing into this Minsk explosion is starting today. Dmitry Konovalov and Vlad Kovalev, both born in Vitebsk in 1986, will face trial on charges of terrorism. Konovalov is also accused of staging explosions in his native Vitebsk on September 14 and 22, 2005 and in Minsk on the night from July 3 to 4, 2008.

Under Belarusian laws, people convicted on charges of terrorism may face DEATH PENALTY.

Investigators have no information that some contractors and organizers stood behind the two young men. According to the deputy chief prosecutor Andrei Shved, the motives behind the actions were personal.
“A hypertrophic feeling of self-importance and general dislike of people pushed them to committing this crime,” said Oleg Kotenev from the anti-terror centre of the State Security Committee of Belarus.

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