Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Russia: Berezovsky Ordered Journalist Politkovskaya’s Death On Putin’s B-day

Posted by Info on 17/09/2011

The case of Anna Politkovskaya continues, the investigators and a key witness pin the blame on Russian exile Boris Berezovsky.
Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov, former Moscow police boss currently under arrest, has made a pre-trial agreement with the sleuths and given detailed testimony on the murder of the Novaya Gazeta journalist, naming Berezovsky as the man who ordered her death.

This is not the first occasion that now London based Berezovsky’s name has appeared in the case. In 2008 Dmitry Dovgy, former chief investigator in the Prosecutor General’s office who was sacked and convicted for corruption, said soon after he was suspended that Berezovsky had ordered the killing.

The Investigative Committee recently finished interrogating Pavlyuchenkov and will soon the results will be presented at the court. As long as there are no surprises the document will secure the ex-cop at least a minimum term. Pavlyuchenkov’s lawyers hope that he can be moved to house arrest.


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