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US Suspends Sanctions Against Uzbekistan

Posted by Info on 25/09/2011

The US Congress voted on 22 September to remove restrictions on military aid to Uzbekistan. The sanctions were imposed seven years ago in response to Uzbekistan’s deteriorating human rights record.

Human Rights Watch, the international human rights organisation, came out firmly against the administration’s stance.

The aims of the American and Uzbek governments in allowing this concession are not clear.

‘The US is not trying to buy off Uzbekistan, but wants to help out with non-weapon items such as bullet-proof jackets so that the country can defend itself in the event that its enemies try to strike against Uzbekistan in revenge for its providing the Northern supply route for the US to supply positions Afghanistan.”

Congress introduced sanctions on aid to Uzbekistan in 2004. The move was designed to persuade the government of Uzbekistan to improve its human righs record and implement wide ranging political and institutional reform. This, according to analysts of the region, has still not happened.

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Путин На Президентский Пост, Медведев В Правительство

Posted by Info on 25/09/2011

Владимир Путин и Дмитрий Медведев объявили, что поменяются после президентских выборов местами: Путин вернется на президентский пост, Медведев же уйдет в правительство. По словам Медведева, они договорились об этом уже очень давно.

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