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Exiled Uzbek Political Activist Shot Dead In Russia

Posted by Info on 27/09/2011

An Uzbek businessman and opposition People’s Movement of Uzbekistan (PMU) official Fuad Rustamkhojaev,38, was shot several times in the head and chest late on September 24 in front of his home in the western Russian city of Ivanovo.

He was active in the movement’s congress held in Berlin in May. In an address at the gathering he urged fellow Uzbeks to unite against the “dictatorship” in their homeland.
Rustamkhojaev had been approached about a month ago by officers from Uzbekistan’s National Security Service who physically threatened him if he continued his political activities.

About 20 people representing the Erk opposition party, the Andijon — Justice and Revival group, and the Tayanch organization, joined to form the PMU at a meeting in Duesseldorf, Germany from May 2-4, while the movement’s constituent assembly was held in Berlin in May 25 with some 60 activists attending.

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Ukraine: Conviction Of President’s Rival Is ‘Incompatible With EU Values

Posted by Info on 27/09/2011

Tymoshenko was charged in May with exceeding her authority as prime minister when she signed a 2009 gas deal with the Russian prime minister, Vladimir Putin, to put an end to a disruptive gas war that had left much of eastern Europe freezing.
The deal left Ukraine saddled with what Yanukovych’s administration considers an intolerably high price. Yanukovych’s attempts to renegotiate the deal with Moscow have so far been rebuffed, prompting him to threaten taking the issue to an international court.

Tymoshenko has used the trial as a platform to denounce a growing democratic deficit since Yanukovych came to power last year. She called the judge a puppet and accused the president of attacking his rivals “just like Stalin”.
On 5 August she was detained for violating court rules and has been languishing in a Kiev jail ever since.

Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt said: “Clearly this particular trial is conducted under laws that would have no place in any other European country and should have no place in a country aspiring to European membership.”

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