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Uzbekistan: New Law On Detention Of Suspects

Posted by Info on 17/10/2011

The law “on keeping suspected criminals in custody during the investigation of a crime” came into force at the end of September. It is the first law ever introduced in Uzbekistan to establish the conditions of detention of individuals suspected of having committed a crime and those whose movements it is deemed necessary to restrict by detaining them in custody.

Lawyers are generally positive about the law, describing it as a genuine step forward compared to previous practices, which enabled conditions of detention to be dictated by intradepartmental instructions and orders.
“Compliance with this particular statute should, on the whole, make this an effective law. The scope of the law suggests that statute 18 will be fully incorporated into Regulations on Internal Order [regulation of custodial premises – editorial]”.

According to the article 19 of the new law managers of custodial institutions are required to inform detainees that any application or appeal they make to a state body will be handled by another institution.

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Money-laundering Case Against Khodorkovsky Opened In Germany

Posted by Info on 17/10/2011

German investigators accidentally found accounts under Khodorkovsky’s name worth between 15 million euros and 20 million euros ($20 million to $27 million) during a tax evasion raid. The details of the account, found on a CD-ROM containing data of Swiss private bank Julius Baer, may be evidence that Khodorkovsky did not pay taxes.

Khodorkovsky is serving a 13-year sentence in a prison on tax evasion, fraud and money-laundering charges that he and his supporters call politically motivated punishment from Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for his political and commercial ambitions. The prison sentence stems from two trials, one in 2005 and the other in 2010.

The European Court of Human Rights has cleared Russia of political motivation in the first trial, it has ruled the Yukos trial unfair.

A money-laundering case would deal a blow to human rights activists who have rallied around Khodorkovsky, said Alexander Rahr, a Russia expert with the German Council of Foreign Relations. “An investigation would be a shock for those who said the money-laundering [charge] was Putin’s fantasy.”

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