Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Book About Russian Opposition Politician Eduard Limonov

Posted by Info on 03/11/2011

A biographical book about Russian opposition politician and writer Eduard Limonov has received a literary award in France. The Renaudot Prize was awarded to the book’s author Emmanuel Carrere.

The book is not just a biography of a man, but also a historical-political research of the context.
Limonov’s name is firmly associated with scandals. A writer and a journalist, Limonov has always drawn attention to his persona by his radical political views and organization of unauthorized meetings and marches. He is also one of the main activists behind the Strategy 31 initiative, defending Article 31 of the constitution, which guarantees the freedom of assembly.
After having read the book, Eduard Limonov posted on his blog saying “Sometimes friendly, sometimes hostile. I can feel that the author is an intellectual and a bourgeois.”
“I wonder what the critics will have to say. Will any Russian publisher dare to let out this book? …Oh, I would be amused!” Limonov writes.

The Renaudot Prize was established back in 1926 by journalists and critics as an addition to the Goncourt.

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