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Filip Singer Won 1st Price of Czech Press Photo – Majdan, Ukraine

Posted by Info on 13/10/2014


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Putin Considers To Cut Russia From The Internet ‘In An Emergency’

Posted by Info on 07/10/2014

President Vladimir Putin is considering steps to disconnect Russian citizens from the web “in an emergency” in the event of a serious military confrontation or big anti-government protests at home early next year. The goal would be to strengthen Russia’s sovereignty in cyberspace. The proposals could also bring the domain .ru under state control, it suggested. Already the Russian TV and most of the country’s newspapers are under the Kremlin’s control.

The move comes at a time when Russia has been bitterly critical of the western media towards events in Ukraine. Russian channels have portrayed the conflict in Ukraine as a heroic fight against “fascists” in Kiev. They have disputed western reports that Russian soldiers and heavy weapons are involved.

Andrei Soldatov, an expert on Russia’s spy agencies : The security council’s apparent proposal to take control over .ru, as well as the domains .su (for Soviet Union) and .рф (Russian Federation in Cyrillic). These domains currently belong to a non-government organisation.Kazakhstan, an authoritarian state intolerant of online criticism, did something similar two years ago.

An employee of a large communications provider said:” Moscow did not want to unplug the world wide web but to protect Russian cyberspace in case of further western sanctions that may affect the internet.”

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Latvia: Ethnic Russians Won The Largest Number Of Votes In Parliamentary Elections

Posted by Info on 07/10/2014

October 5 : The Harmony party, suported mainly by ethnic Russians and led by the mayor of Riga, Nil Ushakov, won 23% of the votes in the elections, while the coalition of three current ruling parties had 56% between them.

The results will give Harmony 25 seats in Latvia’s 100-seat parliament, six fewer than before when they were also the largest single party in parliament. Other parties were reluctant to enter a coalition with what is seen as the “Russian party”.

A third of Latvia’s population is Russian-speaking, but about 290,000 are “non-citizens” of the country (14% of the population), holding special passports that bar them from voting and hold any public office. They have the right to a non-citizen passport issued by the Latvian government as well as other specific rights. Outside the EU, numerous countries allow visa-free travel for Latvian citizens but not for non-citizens.

In order to become citizens, they have to take an exam on Latvian culture and history. Latvian authorities say is necessary given the history of Soviet occupation and forced Russification policies of the past.

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Moscow: Protest Against Russia’S Involvement In Conflict In Ukraine

Posted by Info on 01/10/2014

Protest Moscow banner

About 26 000 people gathered in central Moscow on  last  Sunday to protest against their country’s involvement in the conflict in eastern Ukraine at an All-Russian March for Peace, the first large anti-Kremlin rally since the conflict started in April.

The protest was organised by longstanding opposition parties including Yabloko, Solidarity,  Parnas and  the Party of Progress organised by popular anti-corruption campaigner Alexei Navalny. The protesters represented a variety of political views, but most were united in their opposition to what they see as a Kremlin policy to escalate the conflict in eastern Ukraine by sending arms and soldiers across the border.

“We can wake up the Russian people, so that we won’t see any more Russian troops in Ukraine … Let Putin take out his troops, and Ukraine will deal with its own problems.”

“We want Ukraine to see that there are people in Russia who don’t support the war, Russia is directly participating in this war.”

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