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Russia’s Links With Europe’s Right

Posted by Info on 14/12/2014

Moscow is handing cash to the Front National and others in order to exploit popular dissent against the European Union.

The French Front National’s leader, Marine Le Pen, makes no secret of her admiration for Putin; her party has links to senior Kremlin figures includingDmitry Rogozin, now Russia’s deputy prime minister, who in 2005 ran an anti-immigrant campaign under the slogan “Clean Up Moscow’s Trash”.

Le Pen defended her decision to take the Kremlin money, complaining that she had been refused her access to capital: “What is scandalous here is that the French banks are not lending.”

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Collapse In The Russian Rouble

Posted by Info on 14/12/2014

More than two-thirds of Russia’s exports are from the energy sector, and the cost of crude has dropped by 40% since the summer.


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Relations Between Russia And Nato Worsen

Posted by Info on 14/12/2014

Reports of increased military activity raises alarm for border states.

The Polish defence minister Tomasz Siemoniak has called Russia’s naval and air force activity around the Baltic Sea this week unprecedented, although most of the Russian military actions took place in international waters and airspace and did not “look like preparations for an attack”.

4 days ago Norway said one of its warplanes had a “near miss” to the north of the country with a Russian fighter, which had come too close, and the Finnish air force has reported “unusually intense” activity over the Gulf of Finland as Russian bombers.

A November report by a British thinktank noted a rise in close military encounters between Russia and the west this year, including “violations of national airspace, emergency scrambles, narrowly avoided mid-air collisions, close encounters at sea, simulated attack runs and other dangerous actions happening on a regular basis over a very wide geographical area.”

The Swedish navy engaged in a massive hunt for a Russian submarine reported in the Stockholm in archipelago in October, and a SAS plane with 132 passengers taking off from Copenhagen in March nearly collided with a Russian reconnaissance aircraft that hadn’t transmitted its position.

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Russia: New Law Coming Into Force Restrictions On Internet

Posted by Info on 14/12/2014

Law coming into force next year will require foreign firms to store Russian users’ personal data on servers located in Russia.

The law, which authorities say will improve data protection, requires foreign firms to store Russian users’ personal data on servers located in Russia. Critics say it is designed to make it harder for US internet companies to operate in the country and will give Russia’s secret services greater access to information held by foreign firms.

President Vladimir Putin is no fan of the internet, calling it a CIA project, and saying he prefers to get his information from other sources.  New legislation was considered recently that would prohibit government employees from discussing official information over non-state email accounts.

Another law, passed this year, requires bloggers with more than 3,000 followers to register their personal information with the government, a regulation that has been decried as an intimidation tactic.

Anton Nossik, often called the father of the Russian internet, said that besides the law requiring Russia-based servers, growing anti-western rhetoric following the Ukraine crisis posed a threat to foreign companies such as Google.

Google is now to close its engineering office in Russia.

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