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Kyrgyzstan Violence: Police Accused Of Ethnic Bias – on You Tube

Posted by Info on 19/02/2011

59-year-old Azimjan Askarov, a prominent human rights defender from southern Kyrgyzstan, talks on camera.

“When I refused to sign the paper accusing some people of distributing weapons the investigator hit me on the head with a pistol. Blood went everywhere and he told me to clean it up.”

The interview with Askarov was recorded in one of Bishkek’s prisons with the permission of the authorities by a local journalist last December and posted online.
During the 15-minute video, Askarov describes the beatings, humiliation and torture he was subjected to during three months of pre-trial detention.

Last autumn Askarov was accused of being one of the organisers of deadly inter-ethnic riots in southern Kyrgyzstan last June. He and four others were jailed for life. Their appeal went to Kyrgyzstan’s Supreme Court. However, earlier this month, a decision by the court was postponed indefinitely.

Askarov, whose years of human rights activism focused on alleged police misconduct and abuse, denied all the charges.
He is one of dozens of ethnic Uzbeks convicted for their alleged involvement in crimes committed during the June violence.

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Kyrgyzstan Starts Large-Scale Anti-Terrorist Operations

Posted by Info on 04/02/2011

Security agencies in Kyrgyzstan have launched large-scale anti-terrorist operations to counter growing extremist activity.
State National Security Committee (GKNB) spokesman Rysbek Bykyn said:
“Radical extremist groups have been turning increasingly dangerous – planting mines, setting off bombs, killing people. Unless (we) resist them fiercely, the situation may get out of control. They aren’t simply organised crime groups – they are terrorists with different ideology, such as jihadists, Wahhabists, and Hizb ut-Tahrir or IMU (Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan) members, to whom religion is only a disguise.”

Some media and human rights activists say the security agencies are acting too harshly…

Kyrgyz secret services have co-operated with foreign colleagues, the anonymous officer said. “We check all suspicious homes and mosques as well as imams, work with informers, and carry out (anti-terrorist) raids.”.
Extremist groups have also used external assistance, Kadyr Malikov, a researcher of religion, said.

“We must search for the instigators and act in a proper manner, so that government actions do not disturb the Muslim majority. Islam should not be associated with terrorism. Kyrgyzstan is a country where moderate Islam is preached, but autonomous groups whose ideology is rooted in countries stricken by military conflicts – Iraq, Caucasian countries, and so on – have emerged.”

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Memorial And WikiLeaks Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Posted by Info on 02/02/2011

A Norwegian lawmaker Valen has nominated WikiLeaks for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, saying that its disclosures of classified documents promote world peace by holding governments accountable for their actions.

<em>”I think it is important to raise a debate about freedom of expression and that truth is always the first casualty in war. WikiLeaks wants to make governments accountable for their actions and that contributes to peace.”
WikiLeaks had advanced the struggle for human rights, democracy and freedom of speech, just like last year’s winner, Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo.
Valen cited disclosures of nepotism and corruption in Tunisia’s presidential family, saying WikiLeaks “made a small contribution to bringing down” that regime.

Kyrgyz President Roza Otunbayeva, Afghan human rights advocate Sima Samar, and several rights groups including U.S.-based Wings of Hope and Cuban opposition movement Damas de Blanco are also on the list. His own top guess is Russian rights group Memorial, followed by activists Leymah Gbowee of Liberia and Ory Okolloh of Kenya.
The committee will announce the winner in October.

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Security Services Aware Of Terrorists Attack On Moscow Airpor In Advance

Posted by Info on 25/01/2011

A law enforcement source said that the security services were aware that terrorists were planning an attack on a Moscow airport, but were unable to locate and detain the three suspects they had been searching for.

A spokesman for Russia’s national anti-terrorism committee (NAC) said earlier on Tuesday that insufficient security measures in Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport are to blame for Monday’s deadly blast.
The source said that security and police at the arrival hall of the airport did not pay enough attention at unauthorized persons and strangers in the area. The work of police and security at Domodedovo International Airport will be checked.

Two terrorists were involved in a suicide bomb attack at Moscow’s Domodedovo International Airport that killed 35 and injured up to 180.
“The blast occurred when a suspected female terrorist opened a bag. She was accompanied by a man whose head was ripped off by the explosion. It cannot be ruled out that the terrorists wanted to leave the explosive device in the hall but the bomb was detonated inadvertently or by a remote control device,” the source saide said.

At least six foreigners have been identified among the 35 confirmed dead.
Two British citizens, one German and three central Asians from Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan were among those killed when a suicide bomber blew up the arrivals area of Russia’s busiest airport at 4:30 on Monday afternoon.
A further eight foreigners remained in hospital on Tuesday morning, with 87 people in total still undergoing treatment.

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Kyrgyzstan: On List Of Registered Terrorist 1,279 People

Posted by Info on 23/01/2011

Kyrgyz Interior Minister Zarylbek Rysaliev announced that the country had 1,279 people registered as terrorists.
During a speech delivered before the Kyrgyz parliament’s committee for defense and security issues on January 18, Rysaliev offered details about the registered terrorists’ backgrounds and affiliations.

Of the 1,279 “terrorists”, according to Rysaliev, 1,192 support Hizb ut-Tahrir, 49 are Wahhabis, 32 are members of the Akramiya movement, and two belong to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan — all groups or movements that have been branded extremist and banned throughout Central Asia.

How, exactly, one gets registered with the authorities as a terrorist? And if there is a difference between a registered and unregistered terrorist, just how many unregistered terrorists are there roaming around Kyrgyzstan?

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OSCE: Lithuanian Chairmanship’s Plans For 2011

Posted by Info on 17/01/2011

The OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Audronius Ažubalis would work to protect the Copenhagen principles and support the work of OSCE institutions in preserving the principles, which comprise wide-reaching commitments in the field of human rights.
This represents an essential element of ensuring comprehensive security and effectively addressing protracted conflicts and other challenges in the whole OSCE area, including Moldova and Georgia, as well as Kyrgyzstan. Tangible progress in addressing protracted conflicts is one of the priorities of Lithuania’s OSCE Chairmanship for 2011.
Ažubalis emphasized that OSCE institutions should intensify their engagement with Belarusian authorities and stimulate the government’s engagement with civil society.

Lithuania would advance human rights, including the safety of journalists, freedom of expression and pluralism in the new media in the whole OSCE area. He also emphasized the importance of education to promote tolerance.

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Kyrgyzstan Kills Militants Claiming They Are Linked To Extreme Islamic Groups

Posted by Info on 13/01/2011

Two suspected terrorists were killed and another was captured in a gunfight in Bishkek.
“This is a religious extremist group whose activists and leaders were trained in specialised camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan,” Marat Imankulov, the first deputy chairman of the country’s State National Security Committee said after the fighting.
“They are adherents of radical persuasions and the brains behind the group aim to create a caliphate on the territory of the Ferghana valley.”

Kyrgyz authorities claimed
the men were members of the Islamic Jihad Union, a group linked to bombings at the US embassy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and planned attacks in Germany.

The crackdown follows a concerted anti-militant drive in neighbouring Tajikistan, which has seen 33 insurgents killed. (obviously no trials needed)

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2009 Convention Against Terrorism of Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Posted by Info on 13/01/2011

Unofficial translation of the 2009 Convention Against Terrorism of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) based on the original Russian presented to the State Duma in 2010 termonilogy Art 2

The member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization,
are deeply concerned by the escalation of terrorism……
guided by the goals and principles of the United Nations Charter….
recognizing that the offenses covered by the present Convention cannot be justified under any circumstances, and that the physical and juridical persons responsible for committing such acts and (or) that are complicit in their commission must be prosecuted under the law,
considering the changes that have occurred in the support for terrorism and in the scale and nature of terrorist acts, and the importance of promoting cooperation,
Realizing the necessity of increasing efforts against terrorism and re-affirming that all measures in preventing and combating terrorism should be undertaken subject to the supremacy of law, democratic values, fundamental human rights and freedoms, and norms of international law,
rRecognizing that only through joint efforts can effective prevention and combating of terrorism be achieved, have agreed as follows:

ART 2.
1. For the purposes of the present Convention the terms and concepts employed in it shall mean:
1) “Party” – a state party to this Convention;
2) “terrorism” – an ideology of violence and a practice of influencing decision-making by the authorities or international organizations through the commission of or the threat of committing violent and (or) other criminal acts connected with intimidating a population and aimed at causing damage to the person, to society, and to the state;
3) “terrorist act” – an act connected with intimidating a population and creating a danger to human life and health that is intended to cause significant property damage, an ecological disaster, or other serious consequences in order to achieve political, religious, ideological, or other ends by influencing decision-making by the authorities or international organizations, or the threat of committing such acts;
4) “terrorist organization”:
a) a criminal group, unlawful armed unit, gang, or criminal society created to commit offenses and (or) that commits offenses covered by the present Convention;
b) a juridical person in whose name, at whose direction, or in whose interests one of the offenses covered by the present Convention is planned, organized, prepared for, or committed;
5) “juridical person” – an organization created in and that acts in the manner established by the national legislation of the Parties.

Article 8
Taking into account the fundamental principles of its legal system, each Party shall take necessary legislative and other countermeasures against the financing of terrorism which include, in particular:
1) registration of data on clients and financial operations, and the preservation of this information;
2) providing information to authorized agencies of the Party regarding suspicious and economically illogical operations and transactions;
3) suspending financial operations having an illegal, suspicious, or economically illogical nature at the direction of law enforcement or other agencies designated by the Party;
4) providing information and documents at the request of a court, procuracy agencies, preliminary investigation agencies, or other authorized agencies of a Party.

Art 11
3. When a Party which makes extradition conditional on the existence of a treaty receives a request for extradition from another Party with which it has no extradition treaty, the requested Party shall consider the present Convention as a legal basis for extradition in connection with the offenses covered by the present Convention. Extradition shall be subject to the other conditions provided by the law of the requested State.
4. Parties that do not make extradition conditional on the existence of a treaty shall consider offenses covered by the present Convention as extraditable offenses between themselves, subject to the other conditions provided for by the legislation of the requested Party.

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Ethnic Uzbeks = Victims of Kyrgyzstan Massacre Are Blamed For Violence

Posted by Info on 12/01/2011

A government commission has blamed prominent local Uzbeks for provoking the brutal ethnic clashes that left hundreds dead in June.The minority suffered almost three times as many casualties as ethnic Kyrgyz in the clashes.

Abdygany Erkebayev, chief investigator of the national inquiry into the events, said that militant campaigning for community rights by Uzbek leaders had stoked up tension between the two communities. “All these meetings, rallies, and efforts to achieve special status irritated the indigenous Kyrgyz population, and eventually led to the first conflict.”

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Russia Supports India To Join SCO As India Is On UN Security Council

Posted by Info on 02/01/2011

Russia expressed its support to India becoming a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and vowed to seek closer coordination over Afghanistan.

THEREFORE Russia also reiterated its support to India’s bid for a permanent seat in an expanded United Nations Security Council.

Hardeep Singh Puri, New Delhi’s top diplomat to the world body has said: “One of our major pre-occupation is the issue of terrorism. I expect that in the coming months we would have to address that issue through the work of the Council.

As such India will prepare a key role in the two counter terrorism committees of the Security Council – the 1267 and 1373 committee.

1267 is the Security Council Sanctions Committee concerning al-Qaida and the Taliban and individuals and entities associated with those organisations.
1373 is the Security Council Committee concerning counter-terrorism and its financing.

“You can expect India to play a very active role in that. This committee deals with issues like building capacities, normative rules dealing with counter-terrorism and dealing with India that is a major area of interest.”

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The UN Human Rights Council Report Card: 2009-2010

Posted by Info on 22/11/2010

Freedom house – special report 2009 – 2010

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Former President of Kyrgyzstan Kurmanbek Bakiyev At Trial

Posted by Info on 17/11/2010

The judicial trial on the April events of 2010 when 77 people was killed on Ala-Too Central Square in Bishkek on tragic April 7. starts on November 17 in the Kojomkul Sports Palace.
April, 2010: Reflections on a Revolution

The materials of the criminal case, according to lawyers, amount to 60 volumes. There are 28 defendants, 6 of whom are put in the international wanted list, including Kyrgyzstan’s second President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, his brother – ex-Chief of the State Protection Service Zhanysh Bakiyev, his son Marat Bakiyev, as well as former Premier Daniyar Usenov, Chief of the intelligence agencies Murat Sutalinov and Commander of Arstan SPS special forces Bayish Esenbay uulu.

Could the prosecution find true guilty people of the April events of 2010? Is the guilt of defendants proven? Sergey Slesarev, a lawyer, defending the interests of the Alfa special force officers, answered…Read here

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Kyrgyzstan Human Rights Defender Sentenced To Life After Being Tortured

Posted by Info on 14/11/2010

Askarov appeal denied; health deteriorating from beatings

Kyrgyzstan’s authorities should ensure full compliance with fair trial standards in the case of human rights defender Azimjan Askarov and other trials related to the June violence in the south of the country.
Askarov, who has worked with ODIHR on detention monitoring projects in southern Kyrgyzstan in the past, is the head of the non-governmental human rights organization “Vozdukh”.
Local sources believe Askarov was jailed in retaliation for his reporting on detainee torture by Jalal-Abad police in Vozdukh’s monthly bulletin and on the independent regional news website Voice of Freedom.

An appeals court upheld the 15 September verdict of a lower court, which sentenced Askarov to life imprisonment and confiscation of his property on charges of organizing mass disorder and inciting inter-ethnic hatred.

Askarov appearedat the last hearing, and was due to be transferred today to a prison hospital for emergency treatment. A local activist Ms Gritsenko, who observed the trial said: Askarov’s health was so grave that he “may die if he isn’t transferred to the hospital.”

ODIHR monitors at the first instance trial and appeal proceedings noted that the authorities failed to make adequate efforts to address repeated instances of verbal abuse, including death threats, directed at the lawyers and the defendant, as well as an instance of physical attack against one of the lawyers. Monitors also found that the judge failed to follow-up on allegations of torture made during the appeal proceedings.

ODEHR called for a full investigation of allegations of torture and said irregularities had to be addressed to ensure a fair trial for Askarov and the other defendants.

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Kyrgyzstan: Some Relatives Of Victims Of Last June’s Inter-Ethnic Headed Abroad For Terrorist Training – Terrorism As Revenge

Posted by Info on 27/10/2010

President Roza Otunbayeva warned Osh law enforcers in August that unjustified arrests, exhaustive property searches and beatings of civilians might cause afflicted individuals to retaliate.

“Over 200 young men have left Kyrgyzstan for insurgent bases to receive training for jihad,” she told police and military officers. “Do you want to breed more of those revenge-takers? They’ll return to kill you. Do you really want renewed bloodshed?

Some relatives of victims of last June’s inter-ethnic clashes in the country’s south might have headed abroad for terrorist training. Their supposed goal is to come home and take revenge.

Survivors refute this assertion, but government agencies are taking preventive measures.

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) and the Islamic Jihad Union (IJU) have sought to influence the southern situation by recruiting those – regardless of ethnicity – whose relatives died during the unrest.

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Kyrgyzstan: Attacks During Trials Undermine Justice

Posted by Info on 14/10/2010

A series of attacks against people associated with the defense in trials related to the June violence in southern Kyrgyzstan are depriving the accused of their right to a fair trial and undermining justice for victims.

Aggrieved relatives of victims have threatened and attacked defendants and their relatives, lawyers, journalists, independent trial monitors, and even judges before, during, and after court sessions.

In the latest incident, on October 13, 2010, an angry crowd attacked a defendant and three relatives of another defendant, all ethnic Uzbeks, in Osh just before the trial was supposed to start. All four had to seek medical treatment. ( photo)

For four days in June, massive inter-ethnic violence engulfed several cities in southern Kyrgyzstan, resulting in the death of at least 400 people, ethnic Kyrgyz and Uzbeks alike, and the destruction of more than 2,000 houses, most of them owned by ethnic Uzbeks. The Kyrgyz authorities have opened more than 4,000 criminal investigations into the violence, and trials against alleged perpetrators were under way by August.

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