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Relations Between Russia And Nato Worsen

Posted by Info on 14/12/2014

Reports of increased military activity raises alarm for border states.

The Polish defence minister Tomasz Siemoniak has called Russia’s naval and air force activity around the Baltic Sea this week unprecedented, although most of the Russian military actions took place in international waters and airspace and did not “look like preparations for an attack”.

4 days ago Norway said one of its warplanes had a “near miss” to the north of the country with a Russian fighter, which had come too close, and the Finnish air force has reported “unusually intense” activity over the Gulf of Finland as Russian bombers.

A November report by a British thinktank noted a rise in close military encounters between Russia and the west this year, including “violations of national airspace, emergency scrambles, narrowly avoided mid-air collisions, close encounters at sea, simulated attack runs and other dangerous actions happening on a regular basis over a very wide geographical area.”

The Swedish navy engaged in a massive hunt for a Russian submarine reported in the Stockholm in archipelago in October, and a SAS plane with 132 passengers taking off from Copenhagen in March nearly collided with a Russian reconnaissance aircraft that hadn’t transmitted its position.

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Poland Continue To Support Belarusian opposition

Posted by Info on 07/09/2011

Polish Premier Donald Tusk said:
We will support the Belarusian opposition in order to conduct dialog in accordance with democratic standards, not to [President] Alexander Lukashenko’s dictation.”
He added that democratic changes were a precondition for financial aid from Warsaw to Belarus, where frequent protests coincided with a sharp downturn in living standards. Financial aid will be possible only after free and fair elections are held in the country.

A number of jailed Belarusian opposition members were released in early September.

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“War On Terror” In Poland, Romania and Lithuania Accountability Must Be Established

Posted by Info on 05/09/2011

Mr Thomas Hammarberg, the Council of Europe Commissioner for human rights: “The full truth must now be established and guarantees given that such forms of co-operation will never be repeated. Effective investigations are imperative and long overdue.”

Highly secure detention facilities, so-called “Black Sites”, were established since 2001 in at least seven different overseas locations, to which the CIA delivered its detainees for “enhanced interrogation”. Detention in CIA custody meant being kept indefinitely in secret, incommunicado, solitary confinement. The US Government maintains up to now that “details concerning locations”, and the “assistance of foreign liaison services in any aspect of the program” should be kept secret.

A CIA Black Site was opened in Poland on 5 December 2002. The ongoing investigation of the Polish Prosecutor has a crucial role to play in achieving accountability; its results should be tendered for public and judicial scrutiny with the minimum of further delay.
Black Site was opened in Romenia near Bucharest on 23 September 2003, immediately after the closure of the Polish facility.
The Romanian authorities refused to uncover the whole truth of what happened on Romanian territory. The only official response has been denial, supported by a Senate Committee report refuting all allegations.
The Lithuanian authorities have demonstrated some intent to reveal the truth, notably through a parliamentary inquiry and a one-year pre-trial investigation by the Prosecutor General’s Office. The Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) was able to inspect two detention sites identified by the parliamentary committee as having been equipped to house CIA detainees. However, the essential questions as to the timing and scope of the CIA’s use of these facilities remain unanswered.

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Poland Dismisses 2 Prosecutors for Exposing Belarus Activist

Posted by Info on 18/08/2011

Poland has dismissed two prosecutors who played a role in giving Belarus financial data about leading human rights activist Ales Belyatskyinformation which led to his arrest.
Earlier this month, financial police in Minsk arrested Belyatsky and charged him with tax evasion. The move came after Polish prosecutors shared the details of a bank account he had in Poland to finance the human rights group, Vyasna, which he founded.
The two prosecutors provided the information despite recommendations from the Foreign Ministry on how to handle such cases.

The rights group Vyasna denounced the case against Belyatsky as politically motivated, saying the charges against him are “punishment and retribution” for his long-running work defending human rights.

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Poland Refused To Extradite Belarusian To Dictatorship

Posted by Info on 05/05/2011

A court in Lublin, Poland, has refused to extradite a businessman Alexander K. to Belarus.
The case on Alexander K.’s extradition to Belarus have been dragging on since early 2007, and is one of the longest of the kind in Poland.The Belarusian side suspects him of fraudulent practices at the border he allegedly planned to transport goods through Polish-Belarusian border without paying dues and taxes.
According to their calculations, Alexander K. is to pay 23 million Belarusian rubles of duties and taxes.

The businessman who believes that the authorities of Belarus persecute him for his father’s oppositional activities, cannot expect a fair trial in his country.

The court has come to a conclusion that the proceedings in this case demonstrate that the Belarusian justice system is unfair. The decisions adopted by the court do not contain any motives or evidentiary material.
It’s the third court decision in this matter: first the court disagreed to extradition, then the court agreed. These decisions were reversed.

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Belarus Threatens Polish Reporter

Posted by Info on 13/03/2011

The Belarusian Prosecutor’s Office has warned Andrzej Poczobut, a Belarus correspondent of Poland’s Gazeta Wyborcza daily, that he will be prosecuted if he continues writing articles about the regime.
Poczobut has repeatedly criticized Alexander Lukashenko’s regime and described repressions against the Belarusian opposition and the Union of Poles in Belarus.

The Polish Foreign Ministry deprived Poczobut of accreditation in 2009 and since has since refused to issue a new document.
“A series of articles about events in Belarus have been published on Gazeta Wyborcza’s web site under your name. We have established that you have no accreditation”,Grodno District prosecutor Viktar Marozau wrote.

Similar warnings were previously sent to Polish correspondents of Belsat television and Radio Racja, both of which broadcast in Belarus. According to Belarusian law, journalists who work without accreditation can be fined, although no such cases have been reported yet.

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Страсбург Обеспокоен Неисполнением Решений Судебных Органов В России

Posted by Info on 27/01/2011

Парламентская ассамблея Совета Европы (ПАСЕ) обеспокоена хроническим неисполнением решений национальных судебных органов в России, говорится в принятой в среду резолюции Ассамблеи по исполнению решений Европейского суда по правам человека (ЕСПЧ) в Страсбурге.

ПАСЕ выражает обеспокоенность “фактами гибели людей и жесткого обращения со стороны сотрудников правоохранительных органов, а также отсутствием реального расследования этих случаев”.

Говоря о России, ПАСЕ считает, что стране следует безотлагательно решить вопросы, связанные с функционированием судебных органов и пенитенциарной системы.

Помимо России в резолюции также рассматриваются Болгария, Греция, Италия, Молдавия, Польша, Румыния, Турция и Украина.

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PACE Names Nine States With Delays’ In Implementing Judgments Of EC

Posted by Info on 27/01/2011

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in its adopted resolution, based on a report by Christos Pourgourides (Cyprus, EPP/CD), the Assembly said structural problems in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine were causing “extremely worrying delays” in implementing judgments of the European Court of Human Rights.

The main problems were deaths or ill-treatment caused by law-enforcement officials, unlawful or over-long detention, legal proceedings which take too long and court judgments which are not enforced.

Other states with outstanding problems include include Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzgovina, Georgia and Serbia.

In a separate resolution, based on a report by David Darchiashvili (Georgia, EPP/CD), the Assembly also denounced “blatant disregard” of the Court by some states which had ignored its clear instructions not to deport individuals who might be at risk of torture or ill-treatment. Such “interim measures”, usually involving failed asylum seekers or irregular migrants whose expulsion is imminent, are intended to give the Court time to consider their complaints. States should “fully comply with the letter and spirit” of these requests.

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Poland Imposes Entry Ban On Lukashenko

Posted by Info on 18/01/2011

Poland has imposed an entry ban on Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and several state officials following a post-election crackdown on the opposition in Minsk.
Along with Alexander Lukashenko, the list contains the names of the Belarusian judges, prosecutors, and state service heads responsible for persecution of opposition activists.

CZECH Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg is against severance of all relations with Belarus, but he would support sanctions against the country´s political representatives, such as restricting their opportunities to travel abroad. He is in favour of continued support to the development of civic society in Belarus.

The prepared new concept of Czech diplomacy places emphasis on human rights and democracy in the world. Representatives of the Belarussian democratic opposition called on the European Union in Prague last week to introduce sanctions against the regime of Alexandr Lukashenko.

More than 600 people, including presidential candidates, were detained
in the Belarusian capital during a police clampdown on demonstrators after the December 19 presidential elections. International monitors called the polls “flawed.” Alexander Lukashenko, who has ruled Belarus with an iron rod since 1994 and has been dubbed by the United States “Europe’s last dictator,” gained a landslide victory in the polls with 79.67 % of the vote.

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Daughter Of Jailed Belarusian Presidential Candidate Seeks European Support

Posted by Info on 11/01/2011

Eva Nyaklyaeva has met with government officials in Lithuania and Poland, Belarus’s two western neighbors, as well as ministers in the Czech Republic as she has embarked on a tour of European capitals to seek support for the country’s opposition and an international response to the government’s crackdown.The Polish Foreign Ministry has already waived visa fees for Belarusian nationals as an “expression of solidarity.”
President Alyaksandr Lukashenka claimed to win some 80 percent of the vote.

Some 600 people, including seven of nine opposition presidential candidates, were arrested during a mass rally on December 19, in which an estimated 10,000 Belarusians took to Minsk’s October Square in protest of what they say were rigged elections.
Police violently dispersed the rally, beating many peaceful protesters, including Nyaklyaeu. He and four other candidates have since been charged with organizing mass riots.
The beating left Nyaklyaeu hospitalized and unable to speak before unidentified men dragged him from his hospital bed and put him in prison. Nyaklyaeva said that her father nearly died in prison after losing consciousness due to low blood pressure, and that his condition is still critical.

She will then head to Brussels, where she will appeal to leaders to look past other considerations in their response to the crackdown, including Belarus’s role as a key transport country for eastern gas heading to Europe.

I don’t want to be diplomatic anymore. I am sick and tired, with all respect, of the analysts who say that in this situation it is very difficult for Europe or for the West to take serious steps because of the economic situation. To hell with realpolitik. These are human lives now on the line.”

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Belarus: Political Prisoners Have Become New Reality After Elections

Posted by Info on 26/12/2010

Continued positive engagement with Mr. Lukashenko at the moment seems to be a waste of time and money. He has made his choice — and it is a choice against everything the European Union stands for. The European Union is founded on values of human rights, democracy and the rule of the law. It will not stand indifferent to gross violations of these values in its own part of the world.

Mr. Lukashenko understood that he would not get the required 50 percent of the votes needed to avoid a humiliating second round against a single opposition candidate. All independent exit polls gave him significantly less than this.

Opposition candidates were beaten, dragged away and detained. Hundreds of campaign workers were also rounded up and taken to prison. Summary trials produced sentences without any basis in facts. Political prisoners have become the new reality. Repression is the stated policy.
The wounds in society will not heal, and a siege regime will clearly not survive forever. Prospects of money from the West to save a deteriorating economic situation have in all probability gone up in smoke.

The best test of our own values is what we do on behalf of the powerless. Europe must not be mute.
Carl Bildt, Karel Schwarzenberg, Radek Sikorski and Guido Westerwelle are the foreign ministers, respectively, of Sweden, the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany.

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Warsaw Court Considering Zakayev`S Extradition To Russia

Posted by Info on 23/12/2010

A district court in Warsaw has been considering extradition of a Chechen exile Ahmed Zakayev, who is wanted in Russia on terrorism charges.
The final decision will be made by the Polish Justice Ministry.

Ahmed Zakayev was detained in Poland on September 17 but was released within hours thanks to his status as a political refugee in the UK.

Chechen Ahmed Zakayev has again been put on the international ‘wanted’ list. Zakayev is accused of setting up illegal armed groups, terrorism and murder. The first time he was put on the Russian and international ‘wanted’ list was in 2001. Zakayev is now making his home in the UK, where he was granted political asylum. The British authorities have turned down Russia’s request for the extradition of the terrorist.

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Nato plans to defend Baltics from Russia

Posted by Info on 08/12/2010

Nine Nato divisions – US, British, German, and Polish – have been identified for combat operations in the event of armed aggression against Poland or the three Baltic states. North Polish and German ports have been listed for the receipt of naval assault forces and British and US warships. The first Nato exercises under the plan are to take place in the Baltic next year.

Despite President Barack Obama’s policy of “resetting” relations with Russia, which was boosted at the Nato summit attended by Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, the state department fears that the major policy shift could trigger “unnecessary tensions” with Moscow.

The decision to draft contingency plans for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania was taken secretly earlier this year at the urging of the US and Germany at Nato headquarters in Belgium, ending years of division at the heart of the western alliance over how to view Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

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Polish Court Sets Chechen Zakayev Wanted for Terorrism By Russia Free

Posted by Info on 26/10/2010

An appeal court in Warsaw has closed a case against the leader of Chechen rebels Akhmed Zakayev on Tuesday.

Zakayev, who is internationally wanted, was arrested in Poland on September 17. Russia appealed for his extradition but a Polish court said no.
Now Zakayev is back in London where he is sheltering, but the Polish Office of the Prosecutor General will still consider Russia’s extradition appeal.
Akhmed Zakayev is charged with terrorism, and the murder of civilians and policemen.

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Варшавский Суд Решает Судьбу Ахмеда Закаева

Posted by Info on 26/10/2010

Апелляционный суд Варшавы начал рассмотрение ходатайство прокуратуры об отмене решения суда первой инстанции об отказе применить в отношении Ахмеда Закаева меру пресечения в виде ареста.
Разыскиваемый Россией по обвинению в терроризме Ахмед Закаев находится в Великобритании и не присутствует на заседании. Рассмотрение вопроса проходит за закрытыми дверями. Суд может поддержать решение первой инстанции, либо отклонить его. Так, суд может на время экстрадиционного процесса применить залог или поручительство.

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