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Were Six Arrested Women Preparing New Attacks In Russia?

Posted by Info on 13/07/2010

The National Anti-terror Committee, part of the FSB security service, said that eight suspects were detained in a house in Makhachkala, capital of Dagestan.

Four of the six detained women, who were aged between 15 and 29, were the widows of rebels killed by the authorities

“Officers seized the detained suspects “farewell” (?) letters to their families, expressing their wish to end their life and advising their “sisters” to follow suit,” it said.

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Court Decides: Is T-Shirt With “Orthodox Christianity Or Death!” Extremist?

Posted by Info on 13/07/2010

Moscow prosecutors have asked a court to ban a black T-shirt with the slogan “Orthodox Christianity or Death!” as extremist. The T-shirt, adorned with images of the cross and human skulls, is popular among nationalists and Orthodox Christian activists.

The officials said sociology and linguistics experts have been asked to consider whether the slogan and the images incite religious hatred or propagate the exclusivity, superiority or inferiority of a certain group of believers.

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