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Top Uzbekistan Government Officials To Crime Boss

Posted by Info on 14/01/2011

WikiLeaks says high-ranking government ministers in Uzbekistan had close ties to a notorious crime boss.

The March 2006 communique sent by then U.S. Ambassador Jon R. Purnell says the embassy had obtained video footage of lavish parties thrown by relatives of an alleged mafia chief and attended by the wives of several government ministers.
The cable named the crime boss as Salim Abduvaliyev, a man described by Russian crime experts as being a former wrestling champion who consolidated Uzbek organized crime groups in the 1990s and acquired various businesses in former Soviet republics.
Such accusations of high-level corruption could affect U.S. dealings with Uzbekistan, which acts as an essential transit point for nonmilitary supplies to troops posted in Afghanistan.

Uzbekistan, an impoverished and secretive Muslim nation of 27 million, has been ruled by uncompromising President Islam Karimov since the Soviet Union fell in 1991. Graft under him has been allowed to flourish, with Transparency International ranking the country as among the world’s most corrupt nations.

The country allows the United States to use its territory as a land route for the transit of noncombat supplies to neighbouring Afghanistan for the U.S. and NATO war effort.

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Kremlin Youth Group: ““Journalists Are Traitors And Must Be Punished””

Posted by Info on 14/01/2011

United Russia’s youth organisation Molodaya Gvardiya (Young Guard) faces further allegations of extremism.
Human rights group Agora chief Pavel Chikov said that the Molodaya Gvardiya website has been used to stir up anger against opposition-leaning journalists. with a slogans like:
“Journalists are traitors and must be punished”.

Among the illustrations was a mugshot of Kommersant correspondent Oleg Kashin, bearing the stamp “He will be punished”. Kashin was viciously beaten up in November, and the image was swiftly taken off the website.

Agora activists claim such statements are designed to provoke hostility towards reporters who question the authorities.

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